EastEnders spoilers: Soap legend ‘returns’ as Chantelle haunts killer Gray

EastEnders killer Gray Atkins could see the walls continue to creep in on his murderous secret on the BBC soap next week, as soap legend June Brown’s Albert Square mainstay Dot Branning makes a return of sorts

EastEnders residents are headed for a series of dramatic ‘returns’ on the soaps this way, as the drama nods to characters who have departed Albert Square.

BBC spoilers have revealed that murdered Gray Atkins (Toby-Alexander Smith) finds himself haunted by messages which seem to be coming from beyond the grave.

Elsewhere in upcoming episodes of EastEnders, the mention of soap legend June Brown could hint at a bigger return after departure in 2020, after 20 years playing Dot Branning, left fans devastated.

Murdered Chantelle ‘returns’ to haunt killer Gray
In episodes of the BBC soap next week, serial killer Gray finds his inbox is suddenly full of messages from his dead wife Chantelle.

EastEnders spoilers reveal a ‘return’ of sorts for murdered Chantelle Atkins

Kheerat (Jaz Deol) comes up with the idea to set up an email account in Chantelle’s name to troll the serial killer, in the hopes of pushing him into an admission.

As the emails begin to arrive, Gray becomes determined to find out who’s behind them and fills in Eve (Heather Peace) on the haunting messages.

While she advises him to ignore them, Gray can’t let it rest as messages continue to appear.

Instead, he opens up to Kheerat about the sinister messages, despite their recent fallout – as Kheerat hopes he will admit something that will help to bring him to justice.

Later on, he receives more messages leaving him panicked and fearing his secret will be exposed.

Kheerat is confirmed to be targeting Gray

That’s not all though, as it’s revealed Kheerat is the one behind the campaign as he had feelings for Chantelle and the pair were planning to flee before her death.

In later scenes, a paranoid Gray asks Chelsea (Zaraah Abrahams) if anyone has been saying things about him recently, as he claims he has become the victim of a slanderous campaign.

But Gray’s suspicions point him to the wrong people and he begins an investigation – starting with Chantelle’s dad Mitch, and then Whitney.

Will Kheerat’s actions put him or others in danger? And will Gray track down the real culprit?

Legend June Brown ‘returns’ as Dotty spirals out of control
June Brown, 94, announced that she was leaving Walford in 2020 after 35 years of playing Dot Branning – and her EastEnders granddaughter Dotty continues to spiral out of control.

Dot Branning is mentioned in upcoming episodes on EastEnders

Next week sees Vinny prepare something for Dotty’s belated surprise birthday party.

Later at the cafe, Patrick tells Dotty that they’re all thinking of her Grandma Dot at this time, but she doesn’t want to hear it and storms out.

Dotty is clearly struggling during the anniversary of her father Nick’s death and lays flowers outside No. 23 to remember him, with Sonia and Patrick watching on.

Late last year, Dotty discovered that Nick was not her biological father and that it was actually her ‘uncle’ Rocky, according to her mum.

Her granddaughter Dotty is spiralling out of control