EastEnders spoilers: Shirley Carter wants to make Gray pay!

Shirley Carter learns the horrifying truth about Gray Atkins

Airs at the new regular time of 7:30 pm on Tuesday 8 March 2022 on BBC1.

Shirley Carter confronts Gray Atkins about her sister’s murder in Tuesday’s episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Shirley Carter is concerned when she sees Mick Carter in a state after talking to Whitney Dean. When he and Whitney reveal that Gray Atkins must be her sister Tina Carter’s killer, she is stunned!

Things soon click into place for Shirley, however and she vows that Gray will pay!

While Shirley is on the warpath to track Gray down, he is in a panic, knowing the game may soon be up for him. Gray calls wife Chelsea Atkins, who was waiting for him to collect her from hospital.

After telling her to come straight home as they’re going away for a few days, Chelsea is very suspicious. Even more so when she hears sounds of Shirley violently bashing on Gray’s door to get him to let her in.

Shirley does her best attempt to break down Gray’s door but will she succeed and will he face her?

Kheerat Panesar has a big decision to make.

Kheerat Panesar quickly takes charge of the meeting with Ranveer, putting his mind at ease that the investment plan is going smoothly. His brother Vinny Panesar feels resentful that Kheerat’s taken over the meeting and pushed him out.

When Ranveer leaves, Kheerat tells his family that the police are after him and he needs to leave the Square for good.

After leaving the Panesar house, Kheerat bumps into Stacey Slater. He tells her he’s leaving and plants her with a passionate kiss!

Whitney sees Kheerat, and in a panic that Chelsea is still in danger, she begs him to help out but he insists he can’t be involved anymore. But when Kheerat sees Gray talking to Chelsea’s mum Denise Fox, he realises he can’t stand by and do nothing.

Heading to the hospital, he tries to find Chelsea to tell her what he overheard…

Rocky Cotton gets a job offer.

Rocky Cotton is after a job but when an opportunity comes up it’s not quite what he was looking for… Rainie Highway tells Rocky they need some help at the funeral parlour and despite his misgivings he decides to throw himself into it.

His first day, however, gets off to a bad start and he realises he’s not up for the job. Later, Rocky offers his condolences to Sonia Fowler after realising that she knew the murdered Tina Carter. But she’s still not able to forgive him for all the lies he’s spun.