EastEnders spoilers: Rainie Highway is stunned as Bernie returns!

Bernie Taylor is back in the Square.

Airs at 7:30 pm on Tuesday 29 March 2022 on BBC One.

Rainie Highway’s worries about Stuart are pushed aside when Bernie comes back to the Square in Tuesday’s episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Rainie Highway is terrified after convincing husband Stuart Highway to go to his hospital appointment. The doctors reveal that his breast cancer has grown because he’s delayed proper treatment.

They recommend that he has immediate treatment to stop the cancer getting any bigger. But back home, Stuart is still stubbornly insisting on sticking to his holistic approach, telling Rainie he doesn’t need medical treatment.

In the midst of trying to change Stuart’s mind, Rainie is stunned when a heavily pregnant Bernadette Taylor turns up!

Their surrogate left Albert Square to stay with her brother Keanu Taylor at the end of last year, after stress and pressure at home got too much for her.

Bernadette Taylor is having the baby!

Worried that Bernie’s thinking about keeping the baby for herself, Rainie is flooded with relief when she tells her and Stuart that she’s still intending to hand their baby to them. But she insists that she needs the money they promised as soon as the baby is born.

When Bernie spots Stuarts supplements, she asks what’s going on, but Rainie and Stuart quickly cover, not wanting to upset the apple cart.

Later, however, the cat’s out of the bag when Sonia Fowler lets slip to Bernie that Stuart has cancer.

A stunned Bernie storms round to the Highways and confronts them, wanting to know the truth. But just then, her waters break!

Kim Fox gets the news she was waiting for.

Kim Fox is beyond happy when she gets confirmation from daughter Pearl Fox’s school that they’ve put her forward for a scholarship interview.

After making a video pitch for Pearl to get the scholarship, Kim’s sure all her hard work has done the trick. But is all as it seems?

Also, Denise is still desperate to stop daughter Chelsea Atkins putting her son Jordan Atkins up for adoption.

She gets Chelsea to spend some time with her and her young son Raymond, but the emotional blackmail only makes Chelsea dig her heels in all the more.