EastEnders spoilers: Phil’s huge revenge against Sam as the truth is exposed

Prepare for very angry Phil (Pictures: BBC)

Cross a Mitchell, and you’re going to pay. That’s rule number 1 you learn when moving to Walford in EastEnders, it just appears Sam (Kim Medcalf) has forgotten it.

Respecting faaamily is something that’s completely gone over Sam’s head, as she’s been allowing Jonah (Mark Mooney) and his mates to deal drugs in the club.

She’s also fully aware Ben (Max Bowden) has started taking drugs but is keeping hush hush as he also knows about the deal Sam’s made with Jonah.

Gosh, you keeping up?

At the start of the week, Ben sources more drugs from Tez after a difficult afternoon with Lexi.

After being thrown out of a party, Ben realises he’s late for Lexi’s dinner and leaves an emotional voicemail, confirming he’s on the way – but he collapses.

As Ben is rushed to hospital, Zack (James Farrar) updates Sharon (Letitia Dean), who soon realises her brother is hiding something.

Finding Phil (Steve McFadden), Sharon reveals the truth and confirms Sam knew about the drugs and has been letting it all happen.

The rest of the week is a tense one for Sam, as Phil ignores her calls and soon confirms he knows all about the drug dealing.

We have no doubt Phil will get revenge, but this is his sister – how far is he prepared to go?