EastEnders spoilers: Kim Fox makes a shock decision about daughter Pearl

MONTHS after learning what happened to her husband Vincent Hubbard, Kim Fox is trying to move on.

The EastEnders character makes a drastic decision about her daughter Pearl’s future and takes her out of school.

Kim makes a decision about her daughter’s future

Kim (played by Tameka Empson) is desperately trying to turn a new leaf after finding out her husband Vincent was murdered.

Vincent disappeared from Albert Square in 2018 after being trapped by gangster Aidan Maguire (Patrick Bergin).

Kim only found out about his death years later, in November, 2021, and has been determined to take Phil Mitchell down for his involvement in the tragedy.

Kim and Pearl are still grieving Vincent’s death

But when she was told the truth by her sister Denise, the Walford beautician knew she also had to break the news to their daughter Pearl (Arayah Harris-Buckle).

Following the heart-breaking scenes, Kim was told the young girl was having behavioural issues at school by one of her teachers.

Kim was there and then convinced that she needed to send Pearl away to private school for her to receive a better education and decided to set up an online donation to raise the funds.

In upcoming scenes of the long-running BBC One soap, Kim makes a decision about Pearl’s future.

Unable to afford the fees, Kim reluctantly tells the school Pearl will be leaving.

But when she meets with the school staff, she is encouraged to have Pearl apply for a scholarship.

Howie Danes (Delroy Atkinson) has some advice for Kim and urges her to create a video for the application to give Pearl the best chance.

Later on, Howie decides to help Kim put the application video together and he brings professional filming equipment he borrowed from a friend.

This leads to Patrick Trueman (Rudolph Walker) to speculate Howie must have a crush on Kim, but she brushes it off.

However, the thought lingers and she soon asks Howie out for a date.

Kim first met Howie after the children’s entertainer found Vincent’s wallet and created a new identity for himself.

When she found out, he offered his help in bringing justice to Vincent but was thrown off the scent by a threats from Phil and Jack Branning.

He has since shown kindness to Kim on numerous occasions, hinting that the two characters could get closer.

But will Howie’s help allow Pearl to stay in her school?

Tune in to BBC One to find out.

Kim gets Howie’s help for Pearl’s future