EastEnders spoilers: Karen Taylor targeted by killer Gray

Karen Taylor is drawn in by Gray Atkins' lies.

Airs at the new regular day and time of 7:30 pm on Wednesday 9 March 2022 on BBC1.

Karen Taylor is lured in by Gray Atkins’ plea for help in Wednesday’s episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Karen Taylor is firmly in Gray Atkins’ sights now that it seems his horrific secret about Tina Carter’s murder may be out in the open. Desperate to find some kind of protection, he ends up turning Karen as the one person he’s sure he can trust…

Throughout everything that has happened over the last few years, Karen has always stood by him, as he’s the father of her grandkids Mack and Mia Atkins. Even though Whitney Dean and Mick Carter are insisting that Gray killed Tina, Karen refuses to believe it.

Wanting to do whatever she can to protect him, Karen lets him hide out in her flat while he works out what he’s going to do next. Grateful for her support, Gray pours his heart out to her in a bid to emotionally blackmail her into doing what he wants.

Chelsea returns home to face her husband.

Karen might be falling for Gray’s lies, but Mitch Baker is getting increasingly suspicious. It’s not long before he learns the truth about what kind of man Gray really is and he’s horrified to discover that Gray abused and killed his daughter Chantelle Atkins…

Later, Gray’s terrified wife Chelsea Atkins finally returns home the hospital where she’s been with their son Jordan Atkins. She’s alarmed when she discovers that Gray is waiting for her.

Knowing it’s now or never, Chelsea bravely plucks up the courage to demand Gray tell her the truth.

Will he confess?

Rocky Cotton has been after a job and a place to stay for a while!

Rocky Cotton is keen to impress Jay Mitchell in an attempt to bag himself a job at the Car Lot. His short-lived job at the funeral parlour didn’t work out so well so he’s hoping to catch a break!

Meanwhile, Kathy Beale gets stuck into the idea of planning a memorial for Tina Carter following the discovery of her murdered body.

Rocky interrupts her talking about it to Sonia Fowler to say that he’ll be giving them BOTH a cut of his money now that he’s got himself some paid employment.

Although he’s insistent that it will help make up for all his terrible lies, will Kathy and Sonia be impressed?