EastEnders spoilers: Jean Slater makes a shock revelation!

Jean Slater pushes Stacey Slater too far!

Airs at 7:30 pm on Tuesday 22 March 2022 on BBC1.

Jean Slater goes to far when she opens up about a shocking incident in Tuesday’s episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Jean Slater is hurt that daughter Stacey Slater has banned her from looking after the children on her own, as she’s worried about her mental health. Jean confronts Kat Slater and tells her that Stacey’s being unfair and she’s more than capable of looking after the kids.

Defying Stacey, Jean sneaks out with Stacey’s son Arthur Fowler. She takes him to the tube station and she reveals to him that his dad Kush Kazemi was pushed off a tube platform by killer Gray Atkins.

A panicking Stacey has been searching for Jean with Martin Fowler and when they finally find them she’s horrified that Jean’s told Arthur the truth about his dad. Laying into Jean for what she’s done, things soon start to get nasty.

Later, Jean turns up at Harvey Monroe’s place with a packed bag, telling him that she’s moving in with him and Rocky Cotton. Stacey is dead to her!

Dotty Cotton asks a favour of Sonia Fowler.

Suki Panesar is frustrated when she finds out from her imprisoned son Kheerat Panesar’s lawyer that he’s planning on pleading guilty to his charges. She begs his lawyer to find a way to get Kheerat out of prison.

After Dotty Cotton hears what Kheerat’s planning to do, she talks to Sonia Fowler and asks her for some money. Sonia is persuaded and Dotty confronts Eve Unwin, asking for her some legal advice to help Kheerat.

Jada Lennox’s party doesn’t go to plan

Zack Hudson is looking forward to his lads’ night out with Martin Fowler. But Zack is suspicious that a shift Jada Lennox is up to something…

After the boys go out, Jada’s mates come over for her party. Will Mitchell turns up as well, but it seems that no one else is going to turn up after all. What has happened?

Sonia Fowler realises that something’s going on at Sharon’s and she pops over to find out. She puts an end to the ‘party’, chucking out Jada’s mates and dragging Will back home.

Zack finds out what’s been going on and is disappointed that Jada broke his trust. She begs him not to tell Sharon but what will he do?