EastEnders spoilers: Janine Butcher wins custody of Scarlett?

Janine Butcher prepares for Scarlett Moon's custody hearing.

Airs at 7:30pm on Thursday May 5 2022 on BBC One.

Janine Butcher goes to Scarlett Moon’s custody hearing in Thursday’s episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings)

Whitney Dean comes to celebrate Sonia Fowler’s birthday but Janine Butcher takes the opportunity to ask her personal questions about Mick Carter, after previously experiencing some intimacy issues with him.

Later on, Mick is touched when Janine brings him a slice of cake for Tina Carter’s birthday, who was murdered in 2020 by serial killer Gray Atkins.

After, the pair head off to her daughter Scarlett Moon’s custody hearing together to see whether Janine will be granted custody.

Janine gives Mick a slice of cake to celebrate Tina’s birthday.

Martin Fowler makes a blunder when he apologises to Tommy Moon about ruining his opportunity with the football club, not knowing that Kat Slater hasn’t told him.

The news is too much for Tommy to bear and he disappears. Kat is panicking and with Scarlett’s hearing starting, Stacey Slater’s wife Eve Unwin (who was previously a solicitor before she went to prison) offers to go on Kat’s behalf and she reads out a touching statement while at the court.

Janine and Scarlett’s mother and daughter relationship has been very up and down since she returned to the Square, but now it seems Janine is working hard to fix things with her daughter. Will Janine manage to win custody of her daughter?

Eventually, Tommy shows up and Kat has some news about his police case. What could it be?

Frankie bumps into an old friend.

Meanwhile, Frankie Lewis has an unexpected encounter with an old university friend called Clara. Clara tells her about how successful she’s been, which leads Frankie to lie about her own achievements.

Linda Carter overhears them at The Queen Vic and gives Frankie some advice.

In the past, a hungover Linda lashed out at Frankie and wrongly accused her of ruining her marriage with Mick. Could Linda’s advice be the first step for them to repair their strained relationship?