EastEnders spoilers: Howie’s massive secret revealed but how will Kim react?

What is Howie hiding? (Picture: BBC)

Howie (Delroy Atkinson) has been keeping a huge secret on EastEnders, but he’s about to reveal everything in dramatic style, leaving Kim (Tameka Empson) in shock.

A while back we saw Howie getting a phone call from a mysterious person and during the conversation he told the person on the other end that he loved them.

In upcoming episodes he arranges a date night with Kim, saying there’s something they need to talk about. Typically of Kim she jumps to the conclusion that he’s planning to propose and gets excited, trying to decide whether she’s really ready for marriage or not.

Meanwhile, Howie cancels the date night plans and meets with a woman called Delilah, who tells him that he has to tell Kim his secret. Are Howie and Delilah having a secret affair? Or maybe they’re married already?

Back at home, Kim has decided that she’s going to propose to Howie and she excitedly gets everything ready.

As she’s in the middle of preparations, Howie arrives back at the house – and shocks Kim with a surprise revelation.

How will she cope with Howie’s news?