EastEnders spoilers: Harvey Monroe is terrified for Aaron!

Harvey Monroe arranges to see jailbird son Aaron Monroe.

Airs at 7:30 pm on Wednesday 23 March 2022 on BBC1.

Harvey Monroe makes a worrying discovery about imprisoned son Aaron in Wednesday’s episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Harvey Monroe is relieved when son Aaron Monroe finally agrees to let visit him in prison. When Harvey turns up he’s shocked to see Aaron’s face is bruised and beaten.

Desperate to make sure his son is okay, Harvey wants to inform the prison officers to get something done about it. Aaron, however, pleads with Harvey to keep his silence. He insists he just wants to spend some time with him and feel normal for a change.

Meanwhile, Stacey Slater is frustrated with Harvey’s inability to see that Jean Slater is having a manic episode. After his prison visit, Harvey suggests that they get out of London for a bit.

Jean thinks it’s a great idea and she surprises Harvey when she suggests they seize the moment and leave for their break straight away!

Karen Taylor deals with Mack and Mia Atkins’ trauma.

Mitch Baker and Karen Taylor are feeling a bit awkward around each other but they soon have to work together to comfort their grandkids Mack and Mia Atkins.

After Jean Slater’s revelation to Kush Kazemi’s son Arthur Fowler that he was killed by Mack and Mia’s dad Gray Atkins, Arthur has passed the news onto them.

How do Mack and Mia feel about the news and can Mitch and Karen reassure them?

Will Mitchell has been keeping an eye on Jada Lennox.

Sharon Watts is due home soon and Zack Hudson tells Jada Lennox that she needs to confess to Sharon that she organised a party while she was away. He tells a worried Jada that if she doesn’t do it, then he will!

Will Mitchell is worried about Jada and he asks Martin Fowler not to tell Sharon what Jada got up to but Martin feels it’s important that Sharon knows.

When she gets back to the Square, it seems that Jada is going to do the right thing and she plucks up the courage to tell her. Will she confess?

Also, Eve Unwin makes a worrying discovery about Kheerat Panesar’s lawyer after Dotty Cotton’s plea for her to help him out.