EastEnders spoilers: Denise Fox pleads with Chelsea Atkins!

Stuart Highway pushes back against Rainie Highway's attempt to get him to hospital.

Airs at 7:30 pm on Monday 28 March 2022 on BBC One.

Denise Fox is desperate to stop Chelsea Atkins having her baby adopted in Monday’s episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Denise Fox is aware that daughter Chelsea Atkins is still torn up about how she’s going to cope with her baby Jordan Atkins in the wake of her husband Gray Atkins’ arrest for murder.

She made the shock decision to give Jordan up for adoption but she’s been keeping it on the downlow as she knows that mum Denise Fox is concerned she’s making a rash decision.

Denise was in a similar situation herself once, after falling pregnant to Phil Mitchell. She gave son Raymond up for adoption but she’s been hugely grateful to have him back in her care after his adoptive parents died.

When Denise finds out that Chelsea has lied to her about where she’s going, she discovers her talking to a social worker about Jordan’s adoption.

She pleads with Chelsea to change her mind but have her words finally hit home this time?

Rainie Highway and brother–in-law Callum Highway are determined to get Stuart Highway to go to his hospital appointment. Ever since he found out that he had breast cancer and needs treatment and an op, he’s been stubbornly refusing to take the orthodox route.

Instead, he fled to a holistic retreat and has been taking herbal supplements. But now he’s back in the Square it seems he won’t change his mind.

Stuart meets up with Warren, who sells him more of the expensive supplements. When Callum finds out he’s furious with his brother! He tries to get him to see sense but Stuart refuses to listen to him.

Meanwhile, Rainie is getting edgy about their surrogate Bernie Taylor, who left the Square while pregnant with their baby. With her due date fast approaching, Rainie confronts Bernie’s mum Karen Taylor to find out where she is.

The added stress of Stuart’s refusal to have treatment is almost sending Rainie over the edge and Callum is worried about her. He begs Stuart once again to go to his hospital appointment, saying if he won’t do it for himself the least he can do is go for Rainie’s sake.

Issac Baptiste gets some seemingly shocking news from Trinidad when his mum Sheree Trueman calls to say she’s had a heart attack. She begs her son to fly out to the Caribbean to see her through her recovery.

Sheree has tried it on several times before to get Isaac to move back to Trinidad with her and when he tells Kim Fox what’s happened she’s suspicious. She warns Isaac that it’s more than possible that Sheree is spinning him a line just to get him out there.

What will Isaac do?