EastEnders spoilers: Chelsea supports Stuart amid his post natal depression nightmare

Stuart Highway (Ricky Champ) finds a friend in Chelsea Fox (Zaraah Abrahams) in upcoming EastEnders episodes, as the pair talk about struggling to connect with their children.

Chelsea, as viewers know, found it difficult to show baby Jordan love following his birth, as the young boy reminded her too much of his serial killer father, Gray.

During the aftermath of Gray’s arrest, Chelsea even contemplated putting Jordan up for adoption.

For Stuart, he’s been experiencing post-natal depression ever since Bernie (Clair Norris) gave birth to his son.

It’s been a difficult journey for Stuart and Rainie (Tanya Franks), who didn’t really understand what Stuart was going through and told him his feelings towards Roland would change within a matter of weeks.

Coming up, Vi (Gwen Taylor) suggests Stu should look after Roland for a few hours.

Agreeing to Vi’s idea, Stuart takes his son to the café but soon, he starts to struggle with looking after him.

Sensing his stress, Chelsea helps Stuart and later, they go for a drink.

As they sit down, Chelsea shares some advice with Stuart, but will it help him with his recovery and bonding with his son?