EastEnders spoilers: Bernie Taylor goes into labour!

Bernie Taylor is having the baby but will she let Rainie and Stuart Highway keep him?

Airs at 7:30 pm on Wednesday 30 March 2022 on BBC One.

Bernie Taylor has her baby but she has doubts about handing him Rainie and Stuart in Wednesday’s episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Bernie Taylor is now in labour following her confrontation with parents-to-be Rainie Highway and Stuart Highway! With Bernie aware of the shocking news that Stuart has cancer, Rainie tells her a lie, saying he’s beating it.

Rainie and Stuart head to the hospital with Bernie. Rainie does her best to keep everyone calm but she’s not doing a very good job!

Bernie is more than relieved when her mum Karen Taylor turns up and gets everything in order. A baby boy is born and Rainie and Stuart are overwhelmed with love for their son.

Bernie can see how much they want the baby and she agrees to let them have him as planned. But something is playing on Rainie’s mind…

Feeling guilty about lying to Bernie, when she gets her alone she admits that Stuart is refusing to have treatment for his cancer. Will Bernie decide to keep the baby?

Isaac Baptiste got bad news about his mum Sheree Trueman.

Kim Fox is busying herself with preparing for daughter Pearl Fox’s scholarship interview at the private school. She ropes in Isaac Baptiste, Lola Pearce and Patrick Trueman to watch her and Pearl do a run through.

But Kim is in for a surprise when Howie Danes later confesses that the video that went to the school board is not the one she thought she’d submitted! He’d switched the video to show Pearl’s real talents rather than all the bells and whistles that Kim had predictably insisted adding onto the top!

Kim is fuming with Howie and vents to her family, but she’s not impressed when Isaac stands up for Howie’s actions. In a fit of pique, she tells Isaac’s girlfriend Lola and dad Patrick that Isaac’s mum Sheree is claiming she’s had a heart attack.

Isaac is forced to admit to a stunned Lola and Patrick that he’s going to Trinidad to look after her… And he’s leaving tomorrow!

Chelsea Atkins is struggling to be a mum since her killer husband’s conviction.

Mack and Mia Atkins are feeling emotionally scarred after finding out the truth about their killer dad.

They lock themselves in the house so that they don’t have to go to school and face anyone. Their granddad Mitch Baker tries to coax them out of the house but he’s frustrated when he has no luck.

After Callum Highway tells Mitch that Bernie’s gone into labour, he knows he needs to find her mum Karen Taylor so she can get to the hospital.

With Mack and Mia still refusing to budge from the house, Mitch turns to their step-mum Chelsea Atkins to help out. Will she be able to get through to them?

Kat Slater is shocked when Scarlett Butcher’s social worker turns up to talk about the final hearing into Scarlett’s care.