EastEnders spoiler: Janine and Linda are in a car crash

With Annie also in the vehicle, will everyone be okay?

Episode 6498 | Airs Monday 06 June 2022 at 19:30 on BBC One

Sharon urges Linda to tell Nancy the truth about the money. At the same time, Zack lets slip to Nancy that Linda was planning to leave a few weeks ago. When Nancy and Linda take a trip to Watford together, Sharon winds up Janine by revealing that Linda plans to tell Nancy the truth.

During the journey to Watford, Nancy confronts Linda about her recent plans to leave. Nancy ends up storming off and heading back to the Square, while Linda gets frustrated when her car breaks down and she turns to alcohol.

Later, Janine intercepts a drunken call from Linda and becomes desperate to stop her from telling Mick the truth. Janine gets a cab to Linda, and with the car now working, she drives her home along with Annie.

Janine begs Linda not to tell Mick the truth, but the conversation is interrupted when Janine loses control of the car and crashes.

Meanwhile, Ben tells Lewis that he gave him an STI. Kheerat is concerned when he sees the medication that Ben is taking and pledges his support.

Elsewhere, Suki confronts Ash about a secret she has been hiding.

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