EastEnders Spoiler Episode 6486: Linda makes a vow over Mick Can she win him back?

Episode 6486 | Airs Monday 16 May 2022 at 19:30 on BBC One

Mick urges Martin and Zack to let Linda move back in. He also goes for a walk with Linda and Shirley, which makes Janine feel uneasy. After an emotional conversation with her estranged husband, Linda finally accepts that she needs help.

Later, Janine worries further when Mick announces that he’ll be attending the meetings with Linda. When Linda returns to Sharon’s, she tells Annie that she plans to get Mick back – and Zack overhears the comment.

Elsewhere, Callum decides to break up with Ben, but Lewis intervenes and tries to get him to change his mind. Callum shows Ben the keys to their flat and makes it clear that he’s serious about their future. Callum promises Ben that he won’t tell the police the truth, but he’ll end their relationship for good if anything like this ever happens again.

Also today, Stuart admits to Dotty that he doesn’t feel any connection with Roland.

Finally, Howie tells Kim how much he likes her.