EastEnders Spoiler Episode 6482: Ben goes out for revenge again

Callum remains in the dark.

Episode 6482 | Airs Monday 09 May 2022 at 19:30 on BBC One

Ben isn’t happy when he sees that Callum’s police poster has been put up. Before long, the poster is vandalised. Jay comes close to telling Callum about Ben’s vigilante actions recently.

Later, Ben goes out looking for revenge.

Meanwhile, Mick has to focus on family matters when Linda receives a call from Ollie’s school. Janine is disappointed, but Sonia points out that Mick’s priority will always be his children.

Elsewhere, Frankie continues to lie to Clara about her photography career. Clara invites Frankie to attend her exhibition in the community centre.

Also today, Phil agrees with Sam’s idea that the Mitchells should buy the club. This annoys Kat, who feels she has enough on her plate. Sam ends up missing a meeting with Ruby’s lawyers when her ex dumps all of her belongings in the Square. This means that Jonah gets the club instead.