EastEnders royal jubilee episode has special tribute to Chantelle Atkins

EastEnders spoilers follow.

The EastEnders royal jubilee episode included a special tribute to Chantelle Atkins.

Thursday’s festive instalment celebrated the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II by having Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall visit Albert Square for a tour from Mick Carter.

Perhaps the most touching moment was Sharon Watts asking the Duchess of Cornwall to lead a presentation for Chantelle, who was killed by her abusive husband Gray in 2020.

The Duchess joined Chantelle’s mum Karen Taylor and half-sister Bernadette Taylor in tying a purple ribbon on Chanelle’s memorial tree in the park.

“This is for all victims of domestic abuse. It’s very important that she’s remembered,” the Duchess told the gathered crowd.

Karen was blown away by the moving gesture, telling the Duchess that Chantelle would surely be proud as she watched over their special tribute from above.

“I know it’s close to your heart. This means everything to us,” Karen assured the royal.

A long-term domestic abuse storyline involving Chanelle and her husband Gray Atkins was praised by viewers two years ago. Earlier this year, Gray was arrested for the murder of Chantelle, Kush Kazemi and Tina Carter.

Thursday’s royal jubilee episode featured other significant tributes, including a commemorative plaque being unveiled in the Square as well as toast to The Queen from Mick Carter.

“To her majesty the Queen, and all the people up and down this country doing the same thing: celebrating,” Mick announced in a royal toast.

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