EastEnders reveals who grows suspicious over Janine’s scheme

The trouble could be close to home.

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders star Charlie Brooks has hinted at trouble for her character Janine Butcher after her shock new scheme against Linda Carter.

Tuesday’s episode (June 7) featured a twist for their ongoing rivalry, as Janine cruelly tried to frame Linda for causing their dramatic car crash.

As Linda lay unconscious, Janine pulled her out of the vehicle and into the driver’s seat so that it looked like she’d been drink-driving.

When another car stopped to help, Janine slyly made out that she was just another passer-by. She then made her excuses to flee from the scene, hoping that nobody would ever know she’d been there.

EastEnders bosses have now confirmed that Janine’s daughter Scarlett will grow suspicious of her in upcoming episodes.

Discussing the possible implications of this, Charlie explained: “It’s such a complicated relationship between her and her daughter. She doesn’t know how to be a mum and how to connect with her and that’s been quite evident. She has tried, but I don’t think being a mum is in her nature.

“But I don’t think she thinks that her daughter will do her over. I think it’s a slight concern in the back of her mind because she doesn’t know her child, really.

“She’s probably experiencing a lot of guilt that she doesn’t know how to deal with, so she just pushes it down because she can’t access those emotions. I think it’s a faint fear in the background.”

Asked whether Janine really thinks she can get away with it, Charlie replied: “Well, she has got away with quite a lot in the past. I think she is absolutely believing that she can get away with it.”

Tuesday’s episode saw the first signs of Scarlett having reason to question her mum, as Janine’s head was bleeding when she returned home to the Square.

Janine hatched her masterplan following Linda’s threats to expose her for targeting Nancy Carter in a money scam.

Discussing why Janine came up with the scheme in the first place, Charlie continued: “I think it’s panic. I think when she moves Linda, she’s doing whatever she can to not look guilty in this situation.

“This is when Janine is at her worst because she doesn’t think things through… or does she? It’s her natural instinct to save herself, she is ultimately the most self-centred person you can ever wish to meet.

“I do think there are elements of guilt for Janine. I don’t think she’s just cold hearted. I do think she has moments of reflection and guilt, but the feeling of panic and desperation overrides that and she just wants to save herself.

“I think if Linda died, it would make Janine’s life easier. But I don’t think Janine wants her dead or wants to kill her, I think that is an entirely different thing. She is a lost girl that does, underneath it all, ultimately feel like she is doing it for the right reasons but just always makes the biggest mistakes.”

Asked what Janine wants from Linda’s estranged husband Mick, Charlie replied: “Janine wants Mick all to herself, she wants a family unit, she doesn’t want any distractions.

“When she is in that and feels safe, we see Janine being okay, but it’s the moment she is threatened and might not get what she wants – she’s a little girl that’s never grown up.

“If she doesn’t get her own way, then she will do anything within her power to get what she wants.

“Because of her father’s neglect, she seeks comfort and craves intimacy, which as we know is complicated with Mick. There is a whole mash-up of confused emotions, and I think it all stems from her fear of abandonment. I don’t think she is a rebel without cause.”

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