EastEnders reveals Jean Slater return details – and she’s not alone

EastEnders’ Jean Slater will be back on our screens next week – and she’s not alone.

Viewers haven’t seen Jean since she opted to go back to hospital, following a devastating mental health relapse.

When Stacey heads off on an adventure outside of Walford, she is stunned to bump into both Jean and Big Mo during her holiday.

Next Monday’s scenes will see Stacey tell her estranged husband Martin that they need to use a holiday at a caravan park that they had booked before the pandemic.

Martin tells her he can’t go, prompting Stacey to extend the invite to Kheerat instead, but he politely declines as well.

Following a conversation with Zack, Martin regrets turning the holiday down so quickly, while it seems that Kheerat has had a change of heart as well.

As Stacey packs, she is flustered when both Kheerat and Martin turn up ready to go.

Unable to find a way around this, Stacey heads off on holiday with Kheerat and Martin in tow, but things get off to a rocky start.

As Kheerat and Martin bicker, they find themselves competing in a game to see who gets to choose dinner.

Kheerat has a strop when he loses, causing Stacey to confront him about his attitude, believing that he thinks he’s too good for a caravan park.

Kheerat is determined to make Stacey see a different side to him and they head out to dinner, where they are shocked to find Jean as the waitress.

Stacey later meets with Jean to talk, but gets a further surprise – she’s with Big Mo.

The trio have a drink and catch-up, where Stacey questions why Jean is here and not staying with her friends as agreed.

Stacey asks her mum to come home with them, but Jean is worried that people are still gossiping about her.

Jean explains that she still ashamed about her behaviour during her bipolar episode and insists she insists she can never go back to Walford.

Despite Jean’s adamance, Stacey continues her mission to get her mum to return home, until Lily interjects.

This prompts Jean and Stacey to sit down and talk with Lily, while Martin shares some moving words of his own. Will this be enough to convince Jean to return home?

It had already been confirmed that Laila Morse would be reprising her role as Mo for a short stint.

EastEnders airs on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One, with some episodes airing on BBC Two during summer sporting events. The show also streams on BBC iPlayer.