EastEnders reveals how Janine Butcher is caught out over car crash scheme

Her lies begin to unravel.

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders has released new spoilers revealing how Janine Butcher is caught out next week.

Last Tuesday’s episode (June 7) featured a huge twist in Janine’s story, as she cruelly tried to frame Linda for causing their dramatic car crash.

As Linda laid unconscious in the aftermath of the accident, Janine pulled her out of the vehicle and into the driver’s seat so that it looked like she’d been drink-driving.

When another car stopped to help, Janine pretended that she was merely just another passer-by. She then fled the scene and discarded her clothes, in the hope that nobody will ever know she’d been there.

With Linda’s life still hanging in the balance, Janine remains on edge as she tries to hide her involvement next week.

Her fears threaten to become a reality when Scarlett tells Sonia about the cut her mum had on her head, forcing Janine to quickly cover.

When she returns from seeing Mick, Janine faces a new panic when she realises Scarlett is clearly on to her and has even told Sonia about one of Janine’s lies.

Janine’s tangled web threatens to unravel further when Scarlett starts to put the pieces together and realises she was involved in the car crash.

As Scarlett interrogates Janine about her actions, she soon realises what Janine did to Linda as well.

Although Janine pleads with her not to tell Mick, Scarlett is having none of it and later heads off to The Vic to reveal all. But will Mick learn the truth?

Speaking about Scarlett’s upcoming suspicions, Charlie Brooks – who plays Janine – said: “I don’t think she thinks that her daughter will do her over. I think it’s a slight concern in the back of her mind because she doesn’t know her child, really.

“She’s probably experiencing a lot of guilt that she doesn’t know how to deal with, so she just pushes it down because she can’t access those emotions. I think it’s a faint fear in the background.”

EastEnders airs these scenes on Monday, June 13 and Tuesday, June 14 at 7.30pm on BBC One.