EastEnders reveals cause of Janine and Linda’s shock crash

A row has life-changing consequences.

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders has revealed the cause of Janine and Linda’s shock crash.

Monday’s episode saw trouble all around as Nancy learned that Linda nearly left the Square a few weeks ago, though she angrily stormed off before her mum could explain that she’d rejected Janine’s ultimatum.

Linda tried to return to the Square, only for her car to break down. Although Janine was supposed to be leaving with Scarlett to visit her sister, she rushed to Linda to stop her from admitting the truth to Mick.

Janine decided to drive Linda and baby Annie back to Walford so she could use the car ride to convince her rival not to tell Mick about her bribe.

During the drive, Janine opened her heart to Linda, explaining she’d been searching for stability ever since she lived in the pub with her father Frank as a child.

Janine begged Linda to let Mick go, admitting she loves him. Linda offered a blunt answer when Janine begged her to let Mick “be happy”.

“Not with you because you won’t make him happy,” Linda insisted. “You’ll destroy him. It might take years, but in the end, you won’t be able to help yourself.”

Janine furiously insisted that Mick was hers now, but didn’t see a truck speeding towards their car. She swerved to avoid the truck, but crashed into a nearby tree with a branch crashing through the window.

Charlie Brooks has dropped hints about the “huge complications” Janine will face as she tries to manoeuvre her way out of responsibility for the crash.

“I don’t think there is any end to how far Janine will go,” she teased. “What she feels for Mick is real, he makes her feel safe and protected. And this is her one opportunity at having her family, and the perfect dream family that she’s longed for, for so long.

“The second Linda comes back onto the Square she feels threatened, that’s when we see Janine being the Janine that everyone loves to hate. You think how far is she gonna go? I think she will go as far as she can in order to prevent the truth coming out.”

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