EastEnders reveals aftermath of Jack and Sam’s shock arrangement

The copper is backed into a corner.

EastEnders has revealed the aftermath of Jack Branning and Sam Mitchell’s shock arrangement.

The Walford PD detective has found himself in trouble after former partner Sam turned up in the Square to immediately mess with him by picking up their son Ricky from school as a warning.

Sam then made it clear to Jack that she’d fight him for custody of Ricky unless he helped her get rid of gangster Jonah, a former associate of Phil’s who is now threatening the Mitchells and Sharon Watts.

In upcoming scenes, the family get another warning from Jonah when a smoke bomb is thrown through Kat’s window. Kat figures out that Jonah is behind it, but starts to panic when she receives an odd package out of the blue.

Although the Slaters are able to figure out the package is harmless, Kat gets no comfort as she admits to Stacey Slater this isn’t the way she wants to live her life.

Denise Fox overhears the chat, then interrupts to demand that they figure out everything with Sam Mitchell so she can go back to her own normal life with partner Jack.

Little do they know Sam has showed up to her summit with crime boss Jonah, now with Jack as her back-up. Later, Sam visits Phil to deliver some good news – has Jack come through for her?

Sam returned to Walford last week to act as an unlikely go-between for Phil and his former criminal contacts because Ben has become too consumed with his secret vendetta against homophobes in the Square.