EastEnders’ Phil Mitchell confronts Sam over drugs

Phil Mitchell has confronted sister Sam in EastEnders over drugs in their club.

Sam’s entire operation was nearly exposed this week when nephew Ben figured out Sam was running drugs through Peggy’s nightclub as part of a deal with Phil’s nemesis Jonah.

She kept her nephew on side by offering him the co-manager job, but Zack soon discovered a drug dealer operating in the club and took the issue to Sam because of the recent police raid.

Sam had to admit the dealers were there with her blessing, but she managed to keep him under control by offering cash for his car.

Next, Sam had to dodge accusations from her own brother about how drugs had ended up in their club to begin with.

“If there’s something you ain’t telling me about you, about Ben, about drugs, now is the time to come clean,” he warned.

Sam once again bluffed her way through the conversation, as she challenged Phil to find someone who’d be able to juggle all of the Mitchell family drama and run their nightclub business at the same time.

“I don’t have drugs in this bar, alright,” she claimed. “Ben’s not dealing drugs, I’m not dealing drugs. So, why don’t you take my word, or you can take the keys.”

When Sam threw the keys to Peggy’s down on the desk, Phil handed them back to her and asked if he could trust her to keep an eye on Ben.

“Yes, Phil, you can trust me,” she assured her brother.

As soon as Phil turned to leave, Sam sighed over her mounting lies. How long before Phil discovers what’s really going on under his nose?

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