EastEnders’ Mick Carter breaks down over Linda split during first date

Speed dating didn’t go well.

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Mick Carter’s dip into the dating pool didn’t go well in EastEnders.

Thursday’s (February 10) episode featured Mick trying to move on from his split with Linda by joining Patrick Trueman, Mitch Baker and Rocky Cotton for a round of speed dating at Ruby’s club.

Janine Butcher spent much of the episode trying to get away from the Vic, so she could stop Mick from connecting with any other women. However, Nancy Carter stopped her from interfering.

As the speed dates got underway, Mick and his mates were alarmed to see one of the women looked just like Linda Carter.

While Mick insisted on pushing forward with the date, he got more and more drunk as he struggled with missing his true love.

In spite of his drunken antics, his date Angela handed off her number so they could meet again. By the time he left Ruby’s, Mick was extremely drunk and beside himself over the whole experience.

Mick was in a bad way as he returned home to the Vic for Shirley and Nancy to remind him he’d forgotten to help Ollie with his school project.

“I’ll go check on him while you get your act together,” Shirley insisted.

Nancy checked on Mick, though he insisted he was “fine”. Nancy then reminded her father: “This split ain’t easy on anyone, dad. I just need you to remember that.”

In sobering final scenes, Mick took out his wedding ring and wept as he tried to come to grips with the fact that his marriage is over.

Will Mick reconcile with Linda before he leaves the Square later this year? Only time will tell…

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