EastEnders’ Kim Fox to get surprise offer as a familiar face returns

Will she take the offer?

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Kim Fox is set to get a surprise offer as Howie returns to the fold in new scenes on EastEnders.

Fans will remember that Howie took the identity of Kim’s late husband Vincent Hubbard after he disappeared a number of years ago and was killed by Aidan Maguire’s men.

Howie actually popped up over the Christmas period dressed as Santa, offering presents for her kids, though Kim sharply rebuked him and shot down his offer of “blood money”.

However, after learning Kim was planning to move away, Howie relayed the news to her sister Denise, who subsequently rushed with Jack to find Kim and convince her to stay.

Although she despaired that she couldn’t stick around while Vincent’s killer walked free, Jack and Howie stepped up to say they would go to the station to make a report.

In new scenes set to air next week, Kim is left shocked when she receives daughter Pearl’s school fee bill, and is driven to find some more cash to pay it off.

When she meets her makeover client at the salon, she discovers its none other than Howie, and later opens up to him at the Queen Vic about her worries.

Howie then makes an offer to Kim, revealing he actually has a job going promoting a product online for a local business – though she is left shocked when she learns what it is.

What could the product be, and will she end up taking the gig?

EastEnders is set to air these scenes on Thursday, February 17 and Friday, February 18 on BBC One.

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