EastEnders’ Jean Slater makes life-changing decision in mental health story

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Jean Slater has chosen to return to hospital for mental health treatment in EastEnders.

Viewers will recall that Jean begged daughter Stacey Slater to bring her home a few weeks ago, but Jean’s mental health only declined once she was taken out of care.

Last week, Jean pushed her daughter Stacey during an argument, leading to a nasty cut on Stacey’s back that she subsequently refused to have treated.

Having since collapsed in Monday’s episode (May 30) amid fears she may have sepsis, her love interest Kheerat Panesar decided to tell a doctor what has been really going on with the Slaters.

Tuesday’s (May 31) instalment opened with the encouraging news that Stacey’s doctors were able to stop the infection in her wound.

Kheerat opened up to Stacey about how much he wanted to be with her, yet Stacey was left prone and horrified to find out a mental health nurse was being sent to evaluate Jean.

Back at the Slater house, Eve, Kat and Lily had to stall when the nurse arrived after a terrified Jean locked herself in the loo to hide.

Stacey defied the doctor’s orders by checking herself out of the hospital to rush home, where she was eventually able to coax her mum out of the loo.

“Mum, we ain’t perfect. We’ve made so many mistakes, but no one’s ever loved me like you,” Stacey assured her mum.

Later, Stacey was shocked to find out the nurse felt it was best for Jean to re-enter treatment at the hospital — and Jean agreed.

“I have to put my ‘big girl pants’ on,” Jean told Stacey. “I have put you and Lily in hospital… You deserve a better me.”

Jean even asked Stacey not to visit her in hospital because she wanted her to concentrate on feeling better. Will Stacey understand Jean’s decision?

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