EastEnders’ Janine Butcher car crash lies under threat

Someone is onto her…

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Janine Butcher’s car crash lies are under threat in EastEnders.

The villain has been covering up the truth that she was behind the wheel for Linda’s car crash, yet moved the unconscious Linda into the driver’s seat before fleeing the scene.

Thursday’s (June 9) episode saw Janine scrambling to cover her tracks as the Carters were given the horrible news that Linda could face traumatic brain injuries if she ever woke up.

Sharon warned Janine that as soon as Linda was in the clear, she would tell Mick what a “manipulative little thieving bitch” she is for trying to bribe Linda into leaving Walford.

Nancy was unconsolable over her mum’s potential diagnosis, even rejecting Zack when he didn’t react to the news in the most sensitive way.

At the Vic, Sharon stood by while Janine hit back at Shirley’s claims that she wanted Linda dead. A furious Janine insisted she loves Mick and would never want harm to come to Linda.

Sharon could see through Janine’s act, telling her as soon as Shirley was out of earshot that she wouldn’t “keep Mick in the dark” over the kind of woman he’s dating.

When Janine appealed to Sharon as a parent, insisting it wasn’t safe for Annie to live with Linda in her state, Sharon agreed to back off.

“Don’t go thinking you’ve won, Janine,” Sharon warned her. “Your days are numbered. You want to know why? Because you are your own worst enemy. You will never be part of Mick’s family. Never!”

Janine’s problems were only just beginning because she returned home to find daughter Scarlett suspicious about why her mum had called off their planned visit to Auntie Clare.

Viewers know that Scarlett’s suspicions will only grow in upcoming episodes, putting all of Janine’s lies about the car crash under threat.

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