EastEnders’ Jada Lennox to spark concern in Dennis death anniversary week

Is all as it seems?

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders teen Jada Lennox will begin to spiral out of control next week, after finally returning to Walford.

Zack (James Farrar) was recently able to track Jada down, months after she fled Sharon’s with baby daughter Alyssa.

As Jada gets acquainted with life in the Square, she manages to land herself a job with Denise at the salon.

Sharon is concerned by Jada’s lackadaisical approach to work, but feels guilty when Zack reminds her that she could be struggling on the anniversary of Dennis’s death.

At the salon, Sharon is disappointed to see Jada isn’t doing more than sweeping at the salon but Denise explains it’s due to regulations.

When Sharon bites back, Denise snidely suggests Jada use Sharon as her guinea pig.

Back at home, Sharon finds a touching gesture from Jada and they begin to bond.

The following day, Jada is ordered to do a coffee run at work and bumps into Will, who is clearly nervous in her presence.

When Jada’s friends ask her to hang out with them, she is forced to her disappointment as she declines.

Jada then lands herself in trouble at the salon when the till breaks due to her error. Instead of taking responsibility, Jada snaps back in defence, leaving Denise concerned that she’s not up to the job after all.

Jada continues to struggle with her new responsibilities at the salon and becomes increasingly distracted by her friends outside.

She’s further frustrated when a rude customer assumes she’s part of a scheme for problem kids, and blames Jada when some of her cash goes missing.

Jada continues to cause trouble when she heads to the Minute Mart, using Will to cause a diversion while she steals alcohol.

She then heads off to meet with her friends to drink the booze, with a smitten Will soon joining her.

Keen to impress Jada, Will also takes a swig of a cigarette, but the rowdy lot soon catch the attention of a furious Honey and Sharon.

As Jada and Sharon clash over her antics, Zack does his best to ease the tension between them, to no avail.

Fed up, Sharon tells Jada that she will need to look after Alyssa instead of her.

Despite Sharon’s warning, Jada continues to hang out with her troublesome friends, but what will happen when Denise catches her?

EastEnders airs these scenes next week on BBC One.