EastEnders hints fans’ Tina Carter theory is true after Gray Atkins cliffhanger

Friday’s episode sheds new light on the theory.

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders has hinted fans’ theory about Tina Carter is correct following a Gray Atkins cliffhanger.

The growing consensus among the fandom is that killer Gray could finally be brought down for killing Tina and his other victims when her burial site is disturbed.

Many fans believe that Gray disposed of Tina’s corpse under the Argee Bhajee because he knew the Mosque would be built on top of those grounds.

Friday’s (February 4) episode of EastEnders brought several recent plot strands together when Chelsea ran into a nurse who recognised her husband Gray.

This nurse remembered Gray used to bring Chantelle to A&E after his brutal attacks on her, yet Chantelle had been forced to deny anything was amiss in her marriage under threats from her husband.

“You’re not alone,” the nurse assured her.

Upon hearing that Chantelle had died, the nurse reeled and warned Chelsea she needed to get away from Gray. Chelsea turned down the nurse’s offer of support, insisting everything was fine, just as Chantelle had.

Later, when Kheerat continued to get close to Gray in order to help Chelsea, she demanded Kheerat stay away from her family.

Once they were alone, Chelsea happened to mention to Gray that there had been an explosion going over at the Argee Bhajee in the aftermath of Callum Highway’s party for the local LGBTQ+ community.

Callum was stopped in his tracks by the news, having to hide how alarmed he was from Chelsea. While he managed to play it off as nothing for Chelsea, it was obvious Gray was disturbed by the revelation.

In a chilling final sequence, the scene changed to the abandoned Argee Bhajee where something — or someone — was barely visible under the floorboards.

Is this the beginning of the end for Gray?

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