EastEnders hints at new crisis for Zack and Nancy’s relationship

Their future comes under question.

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders has revealed that Zack Hudson and Nancy Carter’s relationship will “hang in the balance” in upcoming episodes.

New teaser spoilers released for later this month have pinpointed Zack and Nancy as ones to watch when their romance runs into more problems.

We already know that next week’s episodes see Zack’s sister Sharon Watts try to warn him that Nancy is treating him badly.

Zack brushes this off, but when he offers to sell his beloved car to raise money for their business and Nancy still isn’t impressed, he ends up drowning his sorrows with Sam Mitchell at the club.

Short spoilers for the week afterwards have now confirmed a crisis point in the fallout, with Zack having reason to feel guilty. EastEnders fans will have to stay tuned to see exactly what happens.

The latest set of episode billings follow below.

Monday, June 20

Zack is racked with guilt following his recent actions. Chelsea is caught between a rock and a hard place, and Stacey questions her future with Kheerat.

Tuesday, June 21

Zack and Nancy’s relationship hangs in the balance. Chelsea faces a mother’s worst fears, and Stuart feels ambushed by those around him.

Wednesday, June 22

Nancy is forced to face reality. Rainie realises the severity of what’s happening with Stuart. Kat’s day goes from bad to worse.

Thursday, June 23

Rainie’s dreams come crashing down, Kat is confronted with the reality of being part of the Mitchells, and Patrick encourages Kim to step up for Howie.

Speaking last year when Zack’s connection to Nancy was blossoming, actor James Farrar said that his character had fallen “very deep” in love.

He explained: “I think she could be his first love! His feelings for her have taken control over how he lives his life, he is usually jumping from bed post to bed post which is his biggest downfall.

“He feels as if sleeping around will be the answer to all of his problems because although on paper he seems to be a very happy-go-lucky guy, he still isn’t truly happy. It will take more now than just chatting girls up and doing everything for instant gratification and Nancy is the reason for this.”

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