EastEnders first look at aftermath of Gray Atkins’ killer confession about Kush

Whitney and Martin grapple with the revelation.

EastEnders has unveiled a new look at the aftermath of Gray Atkins’ arrest in Walford.

The serial killer was finally brought down in Thursday’s (March 10) thrilling episode when Whitney Dean and Mitch Baker prevented him from jumping to his death.

New photos show Whitney having to break the news to Martin Fowler about Gray’s confession that he pushed Kush Kazemi in front of a train last year.

Of course, Martin was Kush’s best mate and Whitney was planning to marry Kush before Gray brutally killed the Walford favourite for interfering in his obsession with Whitney.

Gray’s years of lies, domestic violence, verbal abuse and murder finally caught up with him this week when he was brought to justice thanks to Whitney’s crusade to expose his crimes.

The sinister lawyer attempted to flee Walford, but was stopped at every turn by someone he’d wronged over the past few years. He had to face his late wife Chantelle’s mother Karen and Shirley Carter to answer for the deaths of their loved ones.

A final showdown with Whitney on the train platform above Walford saw Gray try to take his own life. Whitney held on to his hand until Mitch Baker rushed to help her pull the killer up.

Police soon arrived to take Gray into custody, leading to a cathartic final sequence where he was given a perp walk through Albert Square and then marched into the back of a squad car.

The trauma Gray leaves behind him will take time to process for Mitch and Karen, Whitney and his current wife Chelsea, among others. For Toby-Alexander Smith’s reaction to the storyline’s ending, click here.

The emotional scenes where Martin learns the truth about Kush’s death air at 7.30 on Monday, March 14 on BBC One. EastEnders will not air Friday night because of Six Nations Rugby.