EastEnders’ Dotty Cotton to be found unconscious in new scenes

Will she be okay?

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders is lining up a shock collapse for Dotty Cotton as her problems intensify next week.

Dotty’s life has fallen apart since her lies about Rocky’s identity came to light on Christmas Day. She is also struggling with Sandy’s bombshell regarding him being her biological father.

Although Vinny does his best to give her a birthday to remember next week, it’s clear that Dotty (Milly Zero) has other things on her mind as the anniversary of Nick’s death approaches.

When Patrick tells Dotty they’re all thinking of her Grandma Dot at this time, she storms out.

Patrick and Sonia then watch as Dotty lays flowers outside No.23 to remember Nick’s passing, while Vinny does his best to try and cheer her up.

Vinny sets everything up at the club for Dotty’s party, but accuses him of trying to embarrass her, highlighting that it’s the day after her dad’s anniversary.

A drunk Dotty approaches Mitch, who has picked up the flowers she had put down earlier on.

She drunkenly hurls abuse as Rocky watches on. Rocky offers to help Dotty, but she dismisses him and stumbles off.

Vinny and Rocky are later horrified to find Dotty unconscious and call for help, but will she be okay?

EastEnders airs these scenes on Monday, February 14 on BBC One.

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