EastEnders confirms new obstacle for Stacey and Kheerat’s future

Will the Panesars accept her?

EastEnders spoilers ahead.

Stacey Slater and Kheerat Panesar’s burgeoning romance will meet another roadblock in upcoming EastEnders scenes.

It’s been a ‘Will they, won’t they?’ situation for some time now, with the latest twist in the tale unfolding when Kheerat went against Stacey’s wishes and told hospital staff the truth about mum Jean attacking her.

However, in the Wednesday, June 15 and Thursday, June 16 episodes on BBC One, Stacey appears to have forgiven him – as after some encouragement from Eve Unwin, she asks Kheerat out on a date.

Unsurprisingly, Kheerat accepts, but their chat is cut short when he receives a call from work.

The next day, he suggests that they grab a coffee, but these plans are quickly derailed when he spots uncle Ranveer Panesar out on the Square.

Back at home, Kheerat attempts to blag his way through this unexpected meeting, but the conversation takes an awkward turn when Ranveer insists on finding his nephew a wife.

To compound matters, Kheerat is left rather peeved when his mum Suki agrees to Ranveer’s idea, but he heads off to see Stacey anyway.

Does this spell trouble for their potential future together, or would the Panesar family happily accept Stacey?

Elsewhere in next week’s multiple visits to Walford, Kathy Beale pushes her son Ben Mitchell to report rapist Lewis to the police.

After a conversation with Jay Brown, Ben becomes disillusioned and doubtful over the police’s co-operation, and so despite later stepping into the station, he’s not sure whether to actually go through with reporting the crime.

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