8 huge EastEnders storylines airing in July

All the summer gossip right here.

EastEnders spoilers follow.

It’s a new month in EastEnders, and that means a fresh new batch of spoilers.

There are new faces, new secrets, and more exits on the horizon across July. Here are eight big moments we can look forward to

  1. Avery’s secret

Fans are about to meet Mitch’s estranged brother Avery (Omar Lye Fook) – and he’s bringing a brand new storyline in with him.

Although Mitch won’t be pleased to see Avery initially, everything will change when his sibling suddenly collapses.

Avery’s sons soon follow (more on that in a bit), with a revelation that will rock the Taylor family to the core.

While viewers will have to tune in to find out exactly what is going on, it’s fair to say that this story will be taking centre stage over the coming weeks and through the summer as the Taylors come together to support Avery.

  1. Meet Felix and Finlay!

Avery won’t be the only new face in Walford this month as he will be joined by his sons Finlay and Felix, played by Ashley Byam and Matthew Morrison respectively.

EastEnders has recently revealed the first look at Felix’s alter ego – Tara Misu – who is the Square’s first drag queen.

Speaking about his character, Matthew said: “I am blessed to have the opportunity to step into the heels of the fierce Tara Misu as part of my role on EastEnders. It’s a privilege to represent the LGBTQIA+ community and to showcase the creative art of drag to both viewers at home and the residents of Walford.”

  1. Sam’s shocking scheme

Last week’s episode saw Sam (Kim Medcalf) at the centre of an unexpected twist, and the shocks aren’t over there, either.

She might be a hero in Kat’s eyes but Sam’s selfless actions amid the club heist were not all they seemed, as it transpired that she’d set the entire thing up. And she’s not planning to stop there.

With Shirley in her ear now too, Sam’s story will continue throughout this month, as she fears her lies are starting to catch up with her.

And with plenty more twists and turns along the way, future episodes will leave fans under no illusion that Sam has inherited the Mitchell’s ruthless gene, but perhaps not the faaamily loyalty one, though…

  1. Kat vs Sharon (again)

Kat and Sharon’s former rivalry has been reignited in recent episodes, and will be very much present throughout July.

As Kat and Sharon reel over everything that’s about to happen with Phil, they struggle to see eye to eye in the aftermath.

And as Sharon’s true feelings for Phil are called into question again, where does this leave Kat?

  1. Peter’s exit

July will be a crucial month for Peter Beale, who, as we know, is on borrowed time in Walford as it is.

As we’ve already revealed, EastEnders will be waving goodbye to four more cast members in the coming months as part of a show shake-up.

Peter (Dayle Hudson), Ricky Champ (Stuart Highway), Barbara Smith (Dana Monroe) and Kelsey Calladine-Smith (Jada Lennox) are all being written out from the BBC One soap, along with Tanya Franks – who left as Rainie last week – and Danielle Harold, who is bowing out as part of a heartbreaking new story.

While details of their final storylines are yet to be revealed, Peter’s exit could be playing out sooner rather than later.

As Peter starts to question his grandmother Kathy’s loyalties in the wake of what happened with Ben, tensions between the family threaten to reach breaking point.

With Kathy already despairing over all the bickering, the situation soon gets even worse when Peter takes shock action. Could his time in Walford be up?

  1. Ben and Callum revisited

Ballum fans rejoice, well, sort of. The good news is that the ambiguous state of Ben and Callum’s marriage has not been forgotten. The bad news is that a happy ending is not necessarily on the horizon. For now, anyway…

The popular pair have been in no man’s land since Callum called time on their relationship earlier this month, unaware that Lewis raped Ben on that devastating night in The Albert.

Scenes airing later this month will see Ben attempt to reach out to Callum, following weeks of no contact.

Ben’s big move will come as tensions between him and his nephew Peter reach breaking point – and leave him facing a very uncertain future. But will Callum be interested in what Ben has to say, or is it too little too late?

  1. New romance for Zack?

Zack’s one-night stand with Sam cost him his relationship with Nancy, but it looks like he won’t be nursing a broken heart for too long.

Zack and Sam’s former fling will be revisited later on in July as she offers him some advice in the wake of Nancy’s exit.

It’s not long before sparks are flying between the two, but will they become an official couple?

  1. Kim makes a mistake with Howie

They’ve recently become an official item, but there could be trouble brewing in paradise for Kim and Howie.

When Howie decides to move out of Kim’s humble abode – having spent weeks recovering there – she goes to extreme lengths to keep him close.

Kim is left feeling guilt-ridden over her actions afterwards and does everything she can to make it up to him. Could this romance be over before it’s even begun?

EastEnders is currently airing on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays on BBC2. All episodes are available to stream on BBC iPlayer, with weekly early release box sets dropping every Monday at 6am for the next six weeks.