15 huge EastEnders spoilers for next week

What’s coming up in Walford?

Next week on EastEnders, Stacey’s fears over Jean intensify, while Kheerat’s fate is revealed and Kat takes action over Tommy’s bullying ordeal.

Here’s a full collection of the biggest moments to watch out for:

1. Jean’s behaviour sparks concern

Stacey is concerned as Jean reveals she is planning a surprise for the children and puts pressure on her to tell Arthur the truth about Kush.

Outside, Jean has blocked the market by purchasing a bouncy castle for all the kids, leaving Martin concerned as well.

Stacey is mortified when she sees Jean on the bouncy castle. Things get worse when Jean accidentally hurts Arthur and embarrasses herself, prompting Stacey to step in.

2. Stacey makes a big decision

When Harvey arrives home, he enthusiastically joins Jean on the bouncy castle, infuriating Stacey – who realises that he doesn’t truly understand her mum’s condition.

Stacey goes to desperate lengths to try and help Jean – banning her from being alone with the children until she sees a doctor.

3. Kat reaches breaking point

Kat’s problems go from bad to worse next week, as she’s left mortified by a brand-new discovery.

When Tommy arrives home from school – having skived again – he’s shocked to find Kat crying in the kitchen.

4. Jada is up to no good

Sharon is going away with Albie and Jada has planned a party in her absence. She reveals her plans to Zack, who demands she cancel it.

When Will enters the salon asking for an invite, a confused Jada realises that her friends have sent out a viral invite to the party at Sharon’s – defying her decision to call it off.

Needing an empty house, Jada encourages Zack and Martin to go out and is relieved when they agree.

5. Suki and Dotty vow to help Kheerat

Suki and Dotty find out from Kheerat’s lawyer that he is planning to plead guilty at his upcoming hearing.

Unhappy with her son’s decision, Suki begs the lawyer to find another way to get Kheerat out of prison.

Wanting to help, Dotty later asks Sonia for money and is surprised when she agrees. Dotty then asks Eve for legal advice about Kheerat’s case, but can they help him?

6. Jada is caught out

As he prepares for his night out with Martin, Zack becomes suspicious about Jada’s intentions.

When Zack and Martin leave, Jada’s friends, including Will, come round ready to party but quickly question why no one else has turned up.

Jada’s fun comes to an abrupt end when Sonia checks in and ends the party, taking Will home with her.

Zack is also disappointed with Jada, who begs him not to tell Sharon. What will he do?

7. Stacey and Jean come to blows

Jean is upset over Stacey’s decision and tries to convince everyone she is more than capable of looking after the kids.

Defying Stacey’s orders, Jean manages to slip out to the Tube station with Arthur where she tells him what happened to Kush.

With help from Martin, Stacey finds Jean and Arthur but is devastated to discover what he’s been told.

Furious, Stacey confronts Jean and the pair come to blows. After the argument, Jean arrives at Harvey and Rocky’s, announcing that she’s moving in with them and Stacey is dead to her.

8. Harvey visits Aaron again

Harvey visits Aaron in prison and is shocked to see his son’s bruised face.

He wants to tell the officers but Aaron begs his dad not to say anything. Instead, Aaron insists that he just wants to spend some time with Harvey to feel normal.

9. Jean makes a worrying exit plan

Stacey tries to explain to Harvey how Jean’s current behaviour is evidence that she’s experiencing a manic episode.

Harvey suggests to Jean that they get out of London, but is thrown when she insists on leaving straight away.

Later, Stacey ignores Eve’s advice and pretends to be her mum in order to get a doctor’s appointment.

10. Zack gives Jada an ultimatum

With Sharon due home, Zack gives Jada an ultimatum – tell her about the party or he will.

Will tries to encourage a conflicted Martin to not tell Sharon about Jada’s party as well.

As Sharon arrives back, Jada plucks up the courage to tell her, but how will she react?

11. Karen and Mitch make amends

It’s awkward between Mitch and Karen following their devastating fallout over Chantelle’s death. However, they are soon drawn back to each other again when they get a worrying phone call about Mack and Mia, who have learned about Gray killing Kush from Arthur.

The pair join forces to comfort their grandchildren, but will Karen allow Mitch to move back in?

12. Kheerat’s fate is revealed

Eve makes a worrying discovery about Kheerat’s lawyer, but a stubborn Suki is reluctant to let her help.

As Kheerat’s hearing approaches, an anxious Suki takes her frustrations out on Eve. Later, Suki anxiously waits for news on Kheerat, but what will the verdict be?

13. Kat takes action over Tommy

Kat is relieved to learn that the gun from Phil is being picked up soon, unaware that Tommy’s problems at school are intensifying.

Tommy is filled with dread as he watches a video by his bully Sid making fun of him. In the playground, the bullies taunt Tommy, but Isaac spots the commotion and breaks it up.

Kat is relieved as she waits for Phil’s package to be collected but Isaac arrives to tell her about the extent of Tommy’s bullying ordeal. With Isaac’s words on her mind, Kat takes action, just as Tommy realises he’s been set up by the bullies…

14. Howie and Kim grow closer

Howie helps Kim edit Pearl’s scholarship video.

Annoyed at Kim’s dramatics, he asks Pearl what she truly likes about the school and forms a plan to change Kim’s original video. Is romance blossoming between them?

15. Jada leaves Will devastated

Martin teases Jada that her meeting with Will is a date, but she firmly dismisses the idea.

Will brings snacks and flowers to the park, telling Jada how much he likes her. Thrown, Jada embarrasses Will, who walks away humiliated.