14 huge EastEnders spoilers for next week

Next week on EastEnders, the Carter family finally discover that Tina is dead, Kat clashes with Tommy over some stolen money, while Frankie makes a surprise return.

Here are the biggest moments coming up.

1. Is Chelsea’s nightmare finally over?

After the shock turn of events involving her husband Gray, Chelsea enjoys spending some quality time with her stepkids Mack and Mia at home.

Is Chelsea finally safe again after her nightmare?

2. Tommy is threatened by the bullies

Now that Kat is going it alone without Phil, the mum has stepped in to help her young son Tommy, who was just beaten up by school bullies.

Tommy is still trying to avoid going to school, but he’s scared when the bullies message him and demand money by the end of the day.

3. Who stole Kat’s money?

When the wages for cab driver Mitch go missing, Kat immediately suspects her son Tommy stole the money.

Tommy denies stealing the cash – but if he’s not the mystery thief, then who is?

4. Ben makes an unexpected discovery

Ben wonders how Kat is getting on without his dad Phil around.

He’s then in for a shock when he discovers that Phil has signed over control of the Mitchell family businesses to Kat. Where does that leave Ben?

5. Harvey faces a decision over his witness statement

Jean is excited about a planned hotel break with her new man Harvey.

However, Harvey is distracted by the witness statement he has been asked to sign for the police. The statement could convict his son Aaron and send him to prison for a very long time…

6. Harvey fears the worst for Aaron

Harvey faces a dilemma after a phone call from Aaron, pleading with him not to sign the witness statement.

But after the part Aaron played in helping a neo-Nazi, far-right terrorist group attempt to blow up the new mosque in the Square, can Harvey really let racist Aaron walk free?

7. Suki evicts Dotty

Suki is furious when she finds out that her son Vinny has been paying Dotty’s rent while she’s down on her luck.

Suki attempts to evict Dotty and humiliate Vinny at the same time, but there’s a surprising turn of events when she later apologises to her son for her behaviour.

8. Mick struggles over the charity boxing match

Mick is determined to come through for his son Ollie with the planned charity boxing match.

Unfortunately, it’s looking like the school fundraising event will have to be cancelled unless more people sign up.

Janine is prepared to do whatever it takes to impress Mick, but her plan to bribe potential boxing opponents with free drinks at the Vic soon backfires.

9. Nancy and Zack kiss

Zack is convinced to enter a cooking competition and Nancy lets him use the kitchen at the Vic to practice his dishes.

Nancy asks Zack to cook something for her. As things heat up in the kitchen, Nancy moves in for a passionate kiss with Zack.

10. Mick receives divorce papers from Linda

Mick remains unaware that Janine played a part in wrecking his marriage to Linda last Christmas.

He still can’t believe it’s really all over between him and Linda and that she has no intention of returning to Albert Square.

However, it looks like there’s no turning back for the Carters when Mick receives divorce papers from Linda.

11. Shirley flirts with a new man

Shirley is worried that her son Mick hasn’t got what it takes to compete in the charity boxing match.

So she takes matters into her own hands and decides to flirt with Mick’s competitor, Teddy in the hope of putting him off his game. Will Shirley’s plan work as the match gets under way? Or is Mick about to end up in Walford General Hospital?

12. The Carter family discovers the terrible truth about Tina

The Carter family haven’t seen Tina since she apparently fled Albert Square, having been framed for the attempted murder of Ian.

Little do they know, Tina was murdered by Gray and her body buried beneath the floorboards at the Argee Bhajee.

When DCI Arthurs comes calling, the family is horrified when the police reveal that Tina’s dead body has been found.

13. Frankie is back in Albert Square

Frankie returns to Walford after taking a break from life in Albert Square last November following another bust-up with her half-sister Nancy.

But Frankie’s happy homecoming is overshadowed by the devastating news for the Carter family.

14. Mitch goes on a date

At the cab office, Mitch fails to notice when a customer Rita starts flirting with him.

Mitch’s kids Keegan and Bailey think it’s hilarious and set up Mitch and Rita on a date at Ruby’s.

When Mitch’s ex Karen hears about his date with Rita, she feels unexpectedly jealous. She has to face the possibility that she may still have feelings for Mitch.