14 huge EastEnders spoilers for next week

What’s coming up in Walford?

The repercussions of Gray’s comeuppance are looming large on EastEnders next week, as the Taylors are torn apart, Kat and Stacey get more shock news, and Keegan spirals out of control – until Tiffany returns.

Meanwhile, Stuart is also back, Mick and Janine grow closer and Tommy’s troubles continue.

Here’s a full collection of the 14 biggest moments to watch out for:

1. Gray aftermath revealed

As the truth about Gray reverberates around the Square, several families struggle to process what’s happened.

Karen and Mitch reel from the truth about Gray, leaving Keegan to do his best to support his family. And they aren’t the only ones as Denise, Patrick and Kim are all in shock as well.

2. Kat and Stacey learn more devastating news

As the aftermath of Gray’s comeuppance continues, there’s a few more shocks in store.

Kat and Stacey discuss recent events at the Slaters’, but they soon learn more devastating news…

3. Keegan struggles to cope

With his family in tatters, Keegan hides his own turmoil in a bid to to support them.

Unfortunately, Keegan gets an unwelcome reminder of his anguish when Vinny makes an ill-timed comment. Vinny is left red faced when he boasts about Kheerat trying to help Chantelle, leaving Keegan feeling guilty for not protecting his sister as well.

Keegan later reminds Mitch and Karen that it is Mack’s birthday the next day and suggests they celebrate, but it’s clear he’s not coping either.

4. Ben gets tough with Kat

Isaac tells Lola he’s worried about Tommy’s performance at school but she’s distracted when she realises Ben has failed to give her this month’s money for Lexi.

Lola confronts a guilty Ben, who promises to get on top of his finances and give her the money.

Ben then pays a visit to Kat, telling her she needs to sign for a package and stash it for Phil. She’s reluctant but Ben insists – this is her problem now.

5. Tommy is wrongly accused

Tommy tries to think of a solution to get Kat off his back about the stolen money and considers Billy’s cash box.

When he notices the bullies trying to steal from it already, Tommy confronts them and a scuffle ensues.

Unfortunately, this leaves Billy to get the wrong end of the stick and assume that Tommy was the one stealing it. Aware he’s in trouble, Tommy attempts to flee but soon comes face to face with the bullies again – and they threaten him.

6. Kat reaches breaking point over Tommy

Isaac tries to speak to Kat about his concerns for Tommy but things get worse when Billy barges in and reveals what happened with the money box.

Kat is furious and vents to Eve and Stacey about Tommy, but how much more can she handle?

7. Mitch and Karen are torn apart

Mitch thinks it’s time he and Karen tell Mack and Mia the truth about their dad. They start to explain but it all gets too much for Karen and she rushes out of the room.

Mitch struggles as well, prompting Keegan to step in instead. Afterwards, the truth begins to set in for Mitch, who believes he didn’t do enough to protect his daughter.

Unable to control his emotions, Mitch lashes out at Karen, blaming her for not noticing the signs with Gray. Karen is left devastated and kicks Mitch out.

8. Keegan spirals out of control

As Mitch prepares to move out of the Taylors’, Bailey pleads with Keegan to intervene, unaware of how much he is struggling himself.

Vinny and Kat rally around Keegan as he airs his frustrations that Kheerat picked up on Chantelle’s abuse but he didn’t.

Kat and Vinny’s supportive words are not enough for Keegan, who storms off and gets into a huge argument with Karen about everything that’s happened.

Karen is left reeling from her argument with Keegan, when Vinny interrupts with some worrying news.

9. Tiffany returns

Realising he could be in serious trouble for his recent actions, Keegan struggles to hold things together and is left floored when Tiffany returns.

Maisie Smith has reprised her role as Tiffany for one episode, seemingly to tie in with Keegan’s upcoming exit. Will she able to get through to her estranged husband? And were #Teegan possibly endgame after all?

10. Kat faces a dilemma over Phil

Kat refuses to accept the package for Phil and tells him as much when she visits him in prison. Determined, Phil pleads with her to take it – insisting that this is about his safety inside.

Kat reluctantly accepts the parcel but is stunned by what she finds. Horrified, Kat gives Ben a piece of her mind and accuses him for not being there for his dad.

At home, Kat hides the package, but what is inside?

11. Lily makes a worrying discovery

Lily grows concerned when the bullies continue to taunt Tommy.

As she cleans up later on, Lily is alarmed when she makes a very worrying discovery.

12. Tommy is backed into a corner

Having clocked Jean’s lavish dates with Harvey, Tommy confronts her over whether she’s the money thief.

After getting some home truths from Jean, Tommy becomes determined to fix the problem and approaches Billy to asks if he can be his apprentice. Tommy also insists that he didn’t steal from Kat, but does want to help her.

Billy agrees and teaches Tommy the ropes, but this only leaves Kat even more convinced that her son stole the money in the first place. As a result, Kat piles the pressure on Tommy to tell the truth and even questions if Lily was involved. What will Tommy do?

13. Janine and Mick grow closer

Janine and Mick will grow even closer next week, as he continues to reel from the news about Tina’s tragic death.

With the weight of everything that’s happened weighing heavy on him, Janine takes Mick away from the Square to give him some time to reflect.

14. Stuart returns

Stuart finally arrives home next week, but doesn’t get a particularly warm welcome from Rainie.

Rainie is furious with Stuart for leaving her and doesn’t buy into his claims that his tumour has shrunk.

She turns to Sonia, who agrees that there’s no way the pills Stuart is taking would help him – but reiterates that they still can’t force him to have proper treatment.

However, Rainie and Callum refuse to give up on Stuart and confront him – they want a second opinion. Will Stuart agree?