11 huge EastEnders spoilers for next week

Next week on EastEnders, Suki’s life is changed forever when a struggle with Ranveer gets out of hand, while Stacey is reunited with Jean and Big Mo, and Chelsea supports a struggling Amy.

Here are the 11 biggest moments to watch out for:

  1. Suki’s problems intensify

Suki is in an impossible situation as Ranveer continues to blackmail her over closing the deal.

Things get worse from Suki when Vinny arrives and she realises just how isolated she is from her family.

Suki’s problems continue to intensify as she unsuccessfully tries to negotiate a lower deal on the Minute Mart lease, prompting Sharon to pick up on her despair and invite her for a drink.

At her lowest ebb, Suki uses her vulnerability to try and manipulate Sharon into lending her money, but it backfires.

  1. Stacey heads off on an awkward holiday

Stacey tells Martin that they need to use a holiday at a caravan park they booked before the pandemic. When Martin tells her he can’t go, Stacey extends the invite to Kheerat, who politely declines.

Following a conversation with Zack, Martin contemplates his earlier decision and decides to go on the trip after all.

As Stacey packs, she is flustered when both Kheerat and Martin turn up ready to go, both having changed their mind.

  1. Amy takes a shine to Denzel

Kim introduces Howie’s son Denzel to Amy, Lily and Tommy, and Amy immediately takes a shine to him.

As Amy continues to try and get Denzil’s attention, Jack is less than impressed by the outfit she has put on, but Kim plays it down.

Later, Ravi’s son Davinder (also known as Nugget) introduces himself to Denzel and Amy, who have been left alone together. The three of them hang out, but Denzel and Nugget begin to wind Amy up, leaving her upset

  1. Suki’s plan backfires

After some words of wisdom from Eve, Suki agrees to meet Ranveer – with a plan up her sleeve.

Ranveer wants to get straight to business but Suki has other plans and he’s furious when he discovers what she’s done.

The situation turns nasty as Ranveer refuses to leave, insisting Suki makes it up to him.

Suki stands her ground and a fight ensues, causing her to leave Kheerat a frantic voicemail.

  1. Death twist for Suki

When Ranveer overpowers Suki, she whacks him over the head in self-defense.

Suki’s stomach is in knots as Ravi arrives and finds her with Ranveer’s lifeless body. What will Suki do?

  1. Jean is back…

Stacey’s holiday gets off to a rocky as Kheerat and Martin continuously bicker and compete with each other.

Kheerat has a strop when he loses a game, leading Stacey to confront him about his attitude – he thinks he’s too good for a caravan park.

Kheerat is determined to make Stacey see a different side to him and they soon make up, but they get a shock when they head out to dinner and find Jean as the waitress.

  1. …And so is Big Mo

Kheerat tries to engineer a proper meeting between Stacey and Jean, but is forced to rush off when he hears Suki’s desperate voicemail.

With Kheerat gone, Stacey meets with Jean to chat but gets a further surprise – she’s with Big Mo. It had previously been announced that Laila Morse was reprising her role as Mo for a new Slater story.

  1. Stacey urges Jean to return

The Slaters have a drink and catch-up, where Stacey questions why Jean is there and not staying with her friends as agreed.

Stacey wants her mum to come home but Jean explains that she’s still ashamed about her behaviour during her bipolar episode and can never go back to Walford.

Stacey continues her mission to get Jean home, upsetting Lily in the process. Stacey and Jean sit down to talk with Lily afterwards, while Martin also shares some moving words. But will it be enough to encourage Jean to come back to Walford with them?

  1. Chelsea supports Amy

Chelsea finds an upset Amy, who tells her what happened with the boys. Wanting to support Amy, Chelsea finds Denzel and Nugget and puts them in their place.

Denise and Chelsea later support Amy as she struggles with the comments the boys made and the realities of becoming a teenager.

Chelsea, on the other hand, is still furious that Denzel didn’t offer a proper apology and gives him and Nugget some stern words.

  1. Kathy has bad news for Bobby

Kathy breaks the news to Bobby she needs to sell Walford East.

As Dana consoles Bobby about the restaurant closing, they agree to meet for a drink.

  1. Rocky plays matchmaker

Bobby tells Rocky about his plans to meet up with Dana, but insists they are just friends.

Unable to resist playing Cupid, Rocky tells Bobby and Dana respectively that they both want to get back together.

Nervous, Bobby and Dana later meet for a drink, but what do they really want their future to look like?

EastEnders airs on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One, with some episodes airing on BBC Two during summer sporting events. The show also streams on BBC iPlayer.