Coronation Street

Corrie spoilers next week: Sally exits, Adam’s ‘secret love child’ and Abi’s affair exposed

Coronation Street spoilers tease that Lydia Chambers will see her Adam Barlow plan come into play on the ITV soap, while Sally Dynevor could be making her Dancing on Ice exit and Abi Webster’s affair comes out

Coronation Street fans are in for a heap of drama on the cobbles next week, as Abi’s affair is finally aired and the love triangle of Adam, Sarah and Lydia twists further.

ITV spoilers have revealed that next week on the soap will see Sarah Barlow (Tina O’Brien) left stunned when Lydia Chambers (Rebecca Ryan) says she’s having an affair with her husband Adam Barlow (Samuel Robertson) – but will Sarah fall for her manipulative lies?

Meanwhile, Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vell) finally learns of wife Abi’s (Sally Carman) cheating and Chesney Brown (Sam Aston) could be on the precipice of losing eldest son Joseph Brown.

Not to mention that actress Rebecca Ryan, who plays ‘bunny boiler’ Lydia, has hinted that she might have had a secret love child with Adam, who he never knew about.

Here is everything coming on the cobbles next week…

Scheming Lydia sets up ex Adam Barlow with affair bombshell

Lydia sees her full plan come into play next week on the ITV soap, as spoilers tease the moment she sets up Adam Barlow who she dated years ago at university.

Desperate to tear him and his wife Sarah apart for good, she’s resorted to gun tip-offs, terrifying death threats, and vandalising his car.

Sarah and Adam soon find themselves rowing over Lydia and things go from bad to worse later in the week, when Lydia tells Sarah she spent the night with her mystery man.

Corrie’s Lydia Chambers drops devastating news on Sarah Platt next week

This is just as Sarah answers a phone call on Adam’s phone and it’s from a hotel, who inform her that they’ve found a ladies watch from his last visit.

Sarah confides in Lydia about this, before returning home and finding a load of damning receipts – including one for expensive lingerie, which Lydia recently showed off.

After calling the hotel and suspecting Adam is having an affair, she soon questions if Lydia is his mystery woman.

Lydia then feigns tears and claims she and Adam have been having an affair, claiming they couldn’t resist each other, leaving Sarah in shock and questioning if Adam has been cheating on her.

Protesting his innocence, he tells Sarah that Lydia is making the whole thing up – only to be shown the receipts.

But who will Sarah believe, and has Lydia’s plan finally worked?

Abi devastated as she accidentally reveals affair to husband Kevin

The much-loved Websters are in for a reckoning in coming scenes as Abi accidentally lets slip about her affair with Imran Habeeb in front of her husband Kevin Webster, leaving him devastated.

Coronation Street spoilers reveal a bombshell threatens one much-loved couple

She confides in his ex and her pal Sally Metcalfe, who is left threatening to tell Kevin the truth.

In Abi’s bid to stop Sally spilling the beans, she accidentally exposes her infidelity to her husband through a bluetooth blunder which airs their conversation out over the camper van speaker to listening Kevin.

Reeling in shock, he soon drives off – but what exactly has he heard, and what does it mean for Abi and Imran?

Imran is desperate to know what Abi has told Kevin and how much he knows, and soon Abi is leaving her husband desperate messages.

But what exactly has Kevin heard and where has he gone?

Sally Dynevor’s Dancing on Ice exit confirmed

After a tough few weeks on the soap for Sally Metcalfe amid Tim’s serious health diagnosis, Weatherfield veteran Sally Dynevor is set to exit the soap for a period.

Coronation Street’s Sally Metcalfe has not had an easy few weeks on the soap

This comes as actress Sally Dynevor takes the ice rink on Sunday evenings to compete in ITV’s Dancing on Ice.

Corrie’s Sally has crossed swords with her mother-in-law and is now set to become embroiled in more drama with Abi over her cheating next week, leading to her announcing an exit from the cobbles to stay with her younger sister Gina.

After Abi admits to Sally that she has cheated on her husband Kevin, Sally later finds Abi in Victoria Garden.

She explains that she’s off to stay with Gina – and could pave the way for real life Sally Dynevor to briefly exit the soap for her stint on Dancing on Ice.

Emotional exit plot sealed for Joseph Brown with gran Linda

Joseph Brown is set to cause more emotional turmoil on the cobbles next week, as he asks to move away with his gran Linda Hancock.

Linda’s arrival on the soap comes after her grandson’s emotional vanishing act

Despite Chesney’s (Sam Aston) attempts to convince Linda that everything is fine with the family, Linda is keen to help the family after spotting how much Chesney seems to be struggling.

When she learns two of the quads have fallen ill, Linda suggests Joseph stay with her at her swanky hotel, leaving the youngster thrilled.

Going a step further, Linda tentatively suggests to Chesney that it might be best if Joseph moved to Portugal to live with her permanently.

This massively backfires, as a furious Chesney orders Linda to stay away from his son.

But as Chesney and Gemma discuss how they can work harder to ensure Joseph is happy, he listens from the stairs and assumes that they don’t want him anymore – only to announce he wants to live with Linda in Portugal.

In upcoming scenes on the soap, Linda continues to lend a hand

Could we see Joseph permanently leave the cobbles for a new life in Portugal? Or will Chesney manage to keep his family together in Weatherfield?

Adam Barlow could have ‘secret love child’ with bunny boiler ex Lydia

Adam Barlow might end up being shocked by more than his vengeful ex simply appearing on the cobbles and lying to his wife that they’re having an affair.

Actress Rebecca Ryan, who plays Lydia, has hinted that they might have had a secret love child together that Adam didn’t know about.

Coronation Street fans believe Sarah Platt has allowed Lydia Chambers to target her husband Adam Barlow

When asked what she knew about the role before taking it on, she said: “I knew that she was coming in to cause a little trouble with Adam and Sarah but I wasn’t aware to the extent.

“From an actress’ point of view, it’s brilliant because it’s something you can get your teeth in… towards the end, you’ll realise she’s not doing this just to be a bad person, she’s doing this for a reason.”

Despite the Fatal Attraction comparisons, Rebecca believes that Lydia’s plan to split up Adam and Sarah wasn’t premeditated.

Opening up about why Lydia is so desperate for revenge against Adam, Rebecca teased: “Back in the uni days, he treated her very badly and for her it wasn’t just a little fling and onto the next one. For her it really changed her life.

“Her relationship with Adam changed the course of her life, basically. She’s just really struggling to get over that and the worst thing for her is that he hasn’t admitted it or hasn’t acknowledged it… I think that’s all she would have needed.”