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Corrie fans outraged as culprit behind Amy’s spiking horror is unveiled

Coronation Street fans were left outraged as Max was revealed to be the one who spiked Amy Barlow in horror scenes earlier in the week. He confessed all to his dad David

Coronation Street fans were left outraged as the culprit behind the horror spiking of Amy Barlow was revealed.

It was finally unveiled on the ITV soap tonight that it wasn’t Jacob behind the spiking and in fact, Max was the one who spiked Amy in horror scenes earlier this week, with David now involved as Max confessed all to his dad about what happened.

In scenes airing on tonight’s episode, Max sat down in front of his laptop with a hot drink and was horrified by the footage that he saw – as the police entered the house with his dad David and asked to see the footage on the camera.

Realising he had caught himself on camera, he panicked and shut the computer lid down quick.

Amy had her drink spiked as part of a recent storyline

As David tried to get the footage for the police from the camera itself, Max – who had removed the memory card from the camera – insisted the footage should be on there and it wasn’t working how it should. “Maybe the card’s corrupted,” Max suggested.

David was later with Max when they saw Amy sitting along. He headed over to her and offered to help or talk if she ever wanted to, after he was a victim of a spiking himself in a horrific storyline, which saw David raped by evil Josh Tucker.

“The only thing that upsets me is why someone could do this,” Amy told David and Max as she teared up.

The police came to the Platts to look for the footage

When he returned home, racked with guilt, Max watched back the footage as David walked into the room. “I know this is hard,” he told his son, “But we need to take this footage to the police.”

“I’m so sorry. I’ve done something terrible,” Max then said as he showed his dad the footage, which saw him with a bottle of GHB.

Fans of the ITV soap were outraged as they took to social media to slam Max for what he’d done.

Max was behind the spiking

“So predictable, why ruin Max’s character! #Corrie,” one wrote.

A second added: “God max just constantly getting into trouble! #corrie,” as a third shared: “How many chances is this kid going to get?? He needs to grow tf up and David needs to stop protecting him #corrie.”

“we all knew that one!! max is a right sicko, david opened up to him about getting spiked and raped and then he goes and spikes someone’s drink himself,” a fourth penned.