Coronation Street

Coronation Street’s Toyah Habeeb arrested over Imran death

A huge break in the case?

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Toyah Habeeb has been arrested over Imran’s death in new Coronation Street scenes.

Last week, Imran’s business partner Adam Barlow dropped Toyah in it by telling DS Swain he’d heard Toyah vowing to “kill” Imran just before the crash.

Monday’s episode featured Toyah struggling to get through Imran’s funeral, as she had to deliver a wrenching eulogy in spite of being in the frame for his death.

“He was a wonderful partner, and a wonderful father to our foster child. He would have been a wonderful father to Alfie if he had more time,” Toyah told the mourners.

As the ceremony ended, Peter Barlow had to break the news to Toyah that he’d just been interviewed by police over Adam’s allegations.

A desperate Toyah arranged a sit-down with DS Swain, where she acknowledged it’s true she may have said: “If he’s lied, I’ll kill him.”

Toyah insisted she never would have harmed Imran at the same time as Leanne was confronting Adam for going to the cops. In a fit of anger, Leanne slapped Adam for calling Toyah a killer!

Back at the police station, things went from bad to worse when DS Swain revealed her team had recovered the deleted voicemail from Imran. Even worse, they knew Toyah had deleted the message after being questioned the first time.

In this message, Imran begged Toyah to forgive him for what he’d done — unknowingly adding more fuel to the future allegations against his wife.

Toyah couldn’t believe it as DS Swain announced she was being arrested on suspicion of murder. Can Toyah convince everyone she never meant for Imran to be hurt?

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