Coronation Street

Coronation Street’s Ryan Connor makes death threat claim after shock arrest

Will the police believe him?

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Ryan Connor is set to make a fake claim about death threats towards him, following his arrest on Coronation Street.

Ryan and Debbie Webster will soon be seen teaming up to steal money from the Bistro, with Debbie under pressure to pay compensation to Ed Bailey after his recent accident at her hotel.

Ryan is also facing financial struggles, though just before they are about to take the money, Debbie has second thoughts – Ryan puts his foot down, however.

He plans to take cash from the safe during Casino Night, and sure enough their plan goes ahead with the Bistro plunged into darkness.

Debbie reluctantly helps him, with the Bistro customers told to head The Rovers – giving Ryan the chance to put the cash in his bag and run off.

When Leanne Battersby sees the money has gone, Debbie feigns shock and orders Ryan to call the police, and during their investigation later in the week, Ed reveals that the CCTV has a backup, so would have still been running as the money was stolen.

Sure enough, the camera footage shows that Ryan was responsible, and Craig Tinker arrests him on suspicion of theft. However, Ryan threatens to implicate Debbie from the police station.

Following on from this, Nick tells Ryan that he has one day to return the cash, or he’ll be in big trouble. Debbie is also feeling guilty about her part in the incident, and has a plan up her sleeve.

Later on, Ryan tells Debbie that he told the police he was coerced into carrying out the crime by some dodgy men who were threatening to kill him.

Will the police believe him, and will Debbie manage to get away with her part in the theft?

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