Coronation Street

Coronation Street’s Max Turner to be blackmailed in devastating story

The truth about the Sonya messages is revealed.

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street’s Max Turner is blackmailed in a catfishing scam next week.

The Weatherfield teen has recently grown close to his new schoolmate Sonya and has also been exchanging messages with her online – or so he thought.

In next week’s episodes, Max prepares for a date with Sonya and receives another message which appears to be from her.

The message asks Max to send a naked photograph so that Sonya can see what to expect.

Max is surprised by the request, but as he returns home unbuttoning his shirt, it’s clear that he’s prepared to go along with it.

Later, when they meet for dinner, Sonya tells Max that she has never received any messages from him and has never sent any back.

The teens are horrified to realise that someone has set them up in a catfishing scam.

Shortly afterwards, Max’s worries get worse when he receives a message demanding £1,000 otherwise his naked picture will go viral.

Max decides to seek advice from his stepdad David Platt, asking if they can pay the blackmailer.

David thinks about the possibility but rules it out, telling Max to go to school and front it out.

At the bus stop, Max’s so-called friends Chris and Blake take the mickey out of him, quoting the messages that he thought he was sending to Sonya.

With Max in turmoil, will his tormentors follow through with their threats and share the photo?

Paddy Bever, who plays Max, recently spoke about this story for the first time and explained how it will explore toxic masculinity.

He told The Mirror: “You’re going to see it from more of a male perspective and you’re going to see a lot of toxic masculinity, a lot of bravado and a lot of fear that I think Max feels quite ashamed of… because he’s a boy, his mates are boys, it’s a very different situation.

“I did a lot of research into the new laws that have come about more recently and sort of where Max’s head would be at. Because he’s a 15-year-old with a laptop.

“I think when I spoke to lots of people that have been affected by this, it’s genuinely horrifying to see this epidemic. It really is an epidemic.”