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Coronation Street’s Max Turner faces grim fate after gruesome injury

He has come close to death.

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Max Turner could face a grim fate following his gruesome injury in Coronation Street.

The teen was arrested earlier this week in connection with Amy Barlow’s drink being spiked, though viewers know he was actually intending for revenge on teacher Daniel Osbourne when the drinks were switched.

In Friday’s (April 29) episode, tensions ran high when Max was bailed and forced to confront his actions with David Platt. The two had a nasty row when David confiscated Max’s phone and angrily told the boy his mum Kylie would be ashamed of him.

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Angry Max decided he’d run away, and as he made his getaway, he smashed the barbershop window to take back his phone. Unfortunately, Max ended up slashing his leg on the jagged broken glass while trying to climb back through the window.

After Max collapsed in the street from blood loss, Simon and Jacob found him before it was too late. Jacob tried to calm Max down while applying a tourniquet using his jacket.

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David arrived on the scene just in time to see Max being loaded in the ambulance. Now wracked with guilt over his angry last words with Max, David was horrified as Max’s doctors briefed him on the boy’s injuries.

The doctor admitted that Max’s blood loss and the severity of the cut meant that it was impossible to predict a prognosis at this early stage. David felt horrible that he might not ever be able to tell his son he loves him again.

Earlier this week, Max actor Paddy Bever acknowledged that there may be a hard road ahead as he grapples with the responsibility of accidentally drugging Amy.

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