Coronation Street

Coronation Street’s Laura Neelan faces tough challenge after murder confession

Can she convince the police?

Coronation Street’s Laura Neelan faces a tough time tonight (March 28) as she realises that her police plan will be harder than she’d thought.

Laura made a drastic decision last week as she told the police that she was responsible for the murder of her ex-husband Rick in 2019.

This came shortly after Gary Windass had confessed to Laura about how he’d killed Rick in self-defence.

Laura – who’s terminally ill – initially considered reporting Gary to the police. She changed her mind when she realised that she needed Gary to look after her daughter Kelly in the future.

In Monday’s episode, Laura is quizzed at the police station over her false version of events.

Laura is surprised to discover that the police aren’t taking her claims seriously, as they already know that Gary was the real culprit but don’t have enough evidence to prove it.

As Laura grows frustrated over her struggle to convince the detectives, she tries to draw on the specific details that Gary gave her over Rick’s demise.

Will it be enough to spark a breakthrough in the case and put Gary in the clear?

Kel Allen, who plays Laura, recently explained: “At the forefront of Laura’s mind is her confession and making sure that Kelly’s secure, so she is determined to do this right.

“She has got all the information she needs from Gary about the murder to be able to repeat it and make them believe she did it.

“Laura even knows where the body is buried and how Rick died. It is harder than she thought because the police are sure she is lying.

“They have had their eye on Gary for this for some time and just needed the proof, but here is this woman who knows all the detail and wants to take the rap.”