Coronation Street

Coronation Street’s Jenny Connor faces awkward dilemma over boyfriend Leo. Will she tell him the truth?


Jenny Connor is set to face an awkward dilemma over her boyfriend Leo in Coronation Street scenes airing next week.

When Leo admits how much he has enjoyed brewing his own beer in the cellar at The Rovers, Jenny has an idea and reveals that his home brew beer is now their guest ale.

However, later in the week, Daisy and Jenny sample Leo’s home brew only to find out it’s actually horrible.

Jenny connor daisy midgeley leo thompkins in Coronation Street

When Leo tells them how much he’s looking forward to the beer tasting, Daisy and Jenny can’t hide their awkwardness as they wonder how to tell him the truth.

How will they break the news to him?

It was only recently that Jenny and Leo took their relationship to the next step as Leo let Jenny into his life even more by introducing her to his flatmates and asked her if she’d come with him to meet his parents for the first time.

So could this now cause tension between Jenny and Leo?

Jenny connor daisy midgeley in Coronation Street

In other Coronation Street news, the details of how newcomer newcomer Frank Bardsley knows George Shuttleworth have been confirmed.

When Sean introduces Frank to George at the Rovers Return, George immediately gets flustered after recognising Frank as someone who used to bully him. Frank apologises, but has he truly changed since all those years ago?

While speaking to and other media, Simon O’Brien revealed: “Frank is pleased to see George when they see each other at The Rovers, but George certainly does not reciprocate that. George has to really cover up the fact that just the very sight of Frank puts him in a very bad place. It makes him very anxious.”