Coronation Street

Coronation Street’s Aadi Alahan left devastated by cheating claims

Coronation Street’s Aadi Alahan is unfairly branded a cheat next week as he pays the price for a mistake made by Summer Spellman.

When Aadi kindly puts together some revision cards for Summer, it sparks a chain of events which leads to him facing serious accusations.

Viewers know that Summer has faced a tough time in recent months due to academic stresses, adjusting to living with diabetes and struggling with an eating disorder.

Summer is genuinely touched when Aadi brings her over some cards to help with her exam preparation. However, she soon gets a sneaky idea by realising that she can turn this situation to her advantage in another way.

On the day of Summer’s latest exam, she hides the revision cards away in her blood sugar testing kit.

As the test begins, a nervous Summer makes out that she needs to test her blood sugar levels. As she opens her bag outside the exam hall, she’s horrified to realise that she has accidentally dropped the cards.

Back inside, the exam invigilator has already found the revision notes and recognises the handwriting as Aadi’s.

Aadi is stunned to be bundled out of the room and marched off to face deputy head Mrs Crawshaw, who accuses him of cheating.

As Aadi realises that Summer was the one who planned to cheat, he reluctantly decides to take the blame for her.

Aadi’s father Dev is not convinced by this and rightly accuses him of covering for Summer.

Aware that Aadi is only jeopardising his future because he wants to reunite romantically with Summer, Dev gives him some home truths by telling him that Summer already has Aaron as a boyfriend.

Aadi is surprised by this and has to consider whether to change his story when he faces Mrs Crawshaw again for a formal meeting at school.

Mrs Crawshaw also asks to see Summer, who’s struggling to live with the lie. Will she admit that she was the one who planned to cheat?

Coronation Street airs at the earlier time of 7.30pm all this week on ITV and streams on the ITV Hub.