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Coronation Street teases dark secret in Stu Carpenter mystery

What is he hiding?

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street has teased a dark secret for Stu Carpenter.

Viewers know that Yasmeen Metcalfe has been encouraging Stu to reconnect with his long-lost daughter Bridget, but he’s been reluctant to make contact for reasons he won’t explain.

Monday’s episode opened with Stu hitting out at Yasmeen for finding his daughter’s address, as he angrily ordered her not to interfere in his personal life.

His old friend Kelly Neelan helped him to see that Yasmeen was only making a nice gesture and then she encouraged him to find closure with his daughter given what she’d just been through.

“Even if you don’t see her every day, she still misses you,” Kelly assured him.

He then told Kelly: “I wish you were my daughter too. I would be dead proud.”

Stu decided to give it a shot so he turned up at the address, only for Bridget to appear rattled as she answered the door. He begged his daughter to hear him out and insisted he’d never hurt anyone.

Bridget didn’t want to hear anything her father had to say, so she slammed the door in his face. Back in town, Stu covered by telling Yasmeen it was the wrong address.

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However, there was some positivity for the pair as Yasmeen made it clear she was only interested in Stu after Stephen had been flirting with her.

“I’d rather hang my with homey… I’m trying to be down with the kids,” she joked.

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“Ah, you meant me,” Stu guessed.

Will Stu come clean with Yasmeen about why he’s estranged from his daughter?

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