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Coronation Street Sunday 6 March 2022 Videos Full Episode

Airs at 8:00pm on Sunday 6 March 2022 on ITV.

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Dean abandons Abi Franklin on the side of the road as she doubles over in pain in tonight’s hour-long episode of Coronation Street (8.00pm see our TV Guide for full listings).

Abi Franklin orders more drugs as she struggles with the anniversary of Seb’s birthday. Kevin and Jack return from holiday and Kevin tells Debbie that he wants to talk to Abi and hopes they can patch things up. But, returning home he finds Abi and Dean cosy on the sofa, high on drugs and alcohol.

Kevin orders Abi to pack her things and get out but while she’s in the bathroom, Dean steals Kevin’s garage keys. Abi races over to the garage to find Dean revving a customer’s car. She leaps in the passenger seat and makes a grab for the key, but Dean’s too quick and they’re soon careering down a country road in the stolen car.

As Abi doubles over in pain, Dean stops the car. She crouches by the side of the road in agony, but to Abi’s horror, Dean leaps back in and speeds off. Abi calls for an ambulance but her phone dies and she surveys the empty road in pain and fear.

Adam does his best to convince the police officers that Lydia cloned his credit card, bought a phone and sent the texts. Will they believe him?

At the factory, Lydia tells a horrified Sarah how Adam forced his way into her house, trashed the place Sarah’s horrified. Meanwhile, Adam explains the situation to Imran, but when a client announces he’s taking his business elsewhere after damning online reviews, Imran’s concerned.

Later, Adam’s horrified to hear he’s been reported to the Solicitors Regulation Authority and could be struck off. He tells Imran he’s going to step down while he clears his name. Lydia tells Adam that she hasn’t finished with him yet!

Having met in a hotel bar, Emma and Jon enjoy each other’s company. But when Jon suggests they head for the Rovers, she panics that people will see them.

Also, when Gary questions Kelly as to where she was until the early hours, she makes out she was running as it helps her to relax.

Kelly visits her Mum, revealing to Simon how she’s caring for Laura, attending school and cramming in shifts at the barbers. Simon urges her to talk to Gary and Maria but Kelly refuses.

In a bid to bolster Sam’s confidence, Roy arranges for him to play Brian at chess.

Coronation Street Sunday 6 March 2022 Videos Ful Episode