Coronation Street

Coronation Street star Roberta Kerr teases new Barlow tensions as Wendy returns


“Tracy is not going to let Wendy get back in Ken’s life, is she?”

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street star Roberta Kerr has teased some big Barlow tensions to come as her character Wendy Crozier returns to the cobbles.

The actress is set to reprise her role as part of Abi Webster’s custody storyline next week, as Wendy is appointed as Abi and baby Alfie’s foster carer after a hearing.

Of course, fans will know that Wendy has some history locally, having famously had an affair with Ken Barlow around 30 years ago that led to the break-up of his marriage to Deidre. She was last seen on Corrie in 2012.

Speaking about new audiences discovering the storyline, Roberta admitted that people still mention it to her: “It’s quite low key at the moment. It’s an interesting storyline, very different from how it was previously.

“I have just done a play, last week, and there were some people who came up to me afterwards and they obviously do watch the classic episodes, so they were particularly excited. I hadn’t thought of that and hadn’t realised that was happening. It did quite take me by surprise.”

The star revealed that Wendy is “absolutely” nervous about seeing the Barlows again, noting: “Once Wendy realises where Abi lives, that’s a real issue for her. She’s even wondering if that’ll be ok. It’s a tricky one because it was so awkward the way her relationship with Ken ended before.”

Roberta confirmed that she is yet to cross paths with Ken, teasing: “Who knows what’s going to happen there!”

As for Deirdre’s daughter Tracy, she continued: “Tracy is not going to let Wendy get back in Ken’s life, is she? Kate [Ford] and I have done one of those scenes with verbal sparring and that was great. It will be interesting because there’s the slight complication of Tracy and Abi being friends, so that’s another aspect. We’ll have to see how that plays out.”

Given she’s been away from the soap for 10 years, Roberta also revealed that she watched her show reel to get back into character.

“It’s going to be interesting for people who are watching the classic Corrie who are seeing me as I was 30 years ago when they see me now,” she added.

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